Having more natural sunlight in your home has plenty of different benefits; from saving money through reduced electricity usage to increased physical health with the natural vitamin B and D that sunlight provides. The fact is, seeing a naturally lit area brings you closer to nature, making you happier and boosting your immune system. This is exactly why you want as much natural light in your home as possible and to help you in your mission, here are a few ideas of how to give your house a light boost!


Prune Your Garden


This one might seem a little obvious but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. If you’re struggling to get any substantial light through your windows, take a look at your garden and see if any trees or shrubs are blocking the view. Pruning these plants or cutting them down will allow a lot more sunlight to enter the window and brighten up your home.


Similarly, even if it’s not a plant, try to move anything that’s blocking light from hitting your windows because every little helps.


Mirrors and Gloss


Placing mirrors strategically around your home and making the surfaces more glossy is a great way of boosting the natural light in your house. This works because glossy surfaces and mirrors are excellent at reflecting light, meaning that even if you have a small window allowing natural light in, a well-placed mirror will reflect this small amount of light throughout the room. Overall, this will make your property brighter, even if the natural light supply is quite low.


Paint the Walls


Dark colours like deep reds and blacks absorb more light than paler colours like creams and whites. As a result, if you have lots of dark coloured walls or surfaces then the majority of the natural light entering your home will be absorbed instead of reflected. This will make your home appear darker. Instead, consider changing your darker surfaces to lighter ones, or painting your walls in lighter shades. Do a little research and find the right colour that suits your home, your tastes and makes lighting your home easier.


Bifold Doors


Bifold doors are a great way of turning a wall into an easy natural light source, whilst simultaneously giving your home a contemporary and modern feel. Bifold doors look like multiple large windows attached to one another via hinges and can be opened all at once like a collapsible sliding door. The brilliant thing about bifold doors is that they are multi-functional, stylish and let in a large amount of natural light; more than multiple windows combined and definitely more than any other natural light increasing method. Many bifold doors are available on finance too, so if you’re interested it’s worth looking into this addition to your home.


Clean the Windows


Another seemingly obvious option. If your windows are covered in grime, even if it’s a thin layer, then they won’t be allowing as much light in as they could. You don’t need specific window cleaner to effectively wash your windows, there are plenty of different techniques you can use, so no matter what’s in the house you have the materials.


To conclude, natural light is a godsend to any household. It boosts your mood, improves visibility, saves you money and is attractive to visitors (or even potential buyers if you’re thinking about selling soon). There are plenty of different options to help you increase the amount of natural light in your house, with each one varying in price from free, to cheap, to expensive. Simply find the option that is within budget and suitable for your needs and you’ll be enjoying a well-lit home in no time!