Whether you are male or female, your body certainly produces a hormone called testosterone. The only difference is that the female body produces much less amount of testosterone than the male body does. Although it is mainly a male hormone, it plays vital roles in women’s overall health including the development of strong and healthy bones as well as lean muscle mass. It is also crucial in regulating energy levels. Testosterone also plays a vital role in female sex drive.


Now, let’s talk about what it does for men. Basically, testosterone is a hormone that makes a man, man. It is the reason behind distinct male characteristics—hairy legs, arms, and chest, mustache and beard, and a deeper voice. Even before a boy is born, testosterone works by helping form male genitals. Starting at puberty, the production of testosterone in a male’s body rises. Thus, bodily changes occur, too, including an increased sexual desire.


For a man’s reproductive health, testosterone plays a crucial role. A healthy amount of testosterone would mean a healthy sperm count, too. Low testosterone levels may lead to infertility or erectile dysfunction.


Besides reproductive health, testosterone holds an important function in the circulatory system, specifically, the production of red blood cells.


What’s the Role of Testosterone in Your Fitness Goals?


Apparently, the role of testosterone in overall health doesn’t end in reproductive and cardiovascular health. The right amount of testosterone in the body is also beneficial for fitness goals such as good metabolism, healthy weight, strong bones, and an energetic lean muscular body.


What happens when a man’s testosterone levels drop? There might be an increase in the accumulation of body fat. Also, he could be at risk of developing osteoporosis in his senior years or may suffer from bone fractures.


The sad news is, the amount of testosterone that a male’s body produces gradually declines after his 30s. This is why you may notice that your gym performance when you were younger may not be the same when you’re over 40s. It could be more difficult to achieve that flat belly with rock hard abs, too or that bodybuilder muscular body you’ve been working so hard for.


Indeed, you cannot blame some gym rats out there who might think about taking testosterone supplements to maintain their muscular body or up their gym performance. Some might just be thinking of taking testosterones simply because of its important functions in a man’s overall health. You can see some example here: https://www.dietpillreviews.com/best-testosterone-boosters/


But is it really safe and effective?


The Risks and Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters


Many over-the-counter testosterone boosters may not contain actual testosterone, but they contain certain herbs and other active ingredients that help boost the production of testosterone. These boosters are said to help build muscles faster and increase strength for better gym performance.


However, just as you’ve always been reminded, herbal supplements are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That would mean, the companies producing them have the prime responsibility to check whether they are safe and effective or not. The FDA would only take action to pull out any of those products from the market once there are numerous complaints filed against them and if through thorough investigation, these claims were proven true.


Even if a supplement is safe and effective, that doesn’t mean you’ll go ahead, join the bandwagon and buy yourself one. Consulting your doctor and undergoing some medical tests would still be the best option before deciding to take any supplement. For instance, you may undergo a blood test to find out whether your body produces a healthy amount of testosterone that’s right for it. Anyone who doesn’t experience low testosterone level or any condition that causes it, should rather not attempt taking testosterone boosters. You’ll probably agree with this basic principle anyway: Anything in excess could be bad for you. Wait for your trusted physician’s recommendation.


Sadly, some associated risks and adverse side effects of taking testosterone boosters are heart attack, heart failure, stroke, infertility, loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, liver toxicity, aggression, and irritability. With these serious side effects involved, you should indeed avoid taking those supplements without the guidance of a trusted doctor. On the other hand, if you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone or any underlying health issues that causes it, try to get to know more about your condition, talk to your doctor about the possible medications and supplementation for it as well as the side effects of each of them.


Boost Your Testosterone Naturally—Is it Possible?


If you’re looking for natural ways to boost your testosterone level, the good news is, there are indeed some habits you need to start doing from now on. These include getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night, maintaining a healthy weight, staying active, and controlling your stress levels.


Does the list surprise you? If you take a look at it, they are just general healthy habits everyone should be doing anyway. But these are actually the basic things you need to do so you can take care of your overall health, that includes your hormones. For example, either you are overweight or underweight, this could impact your testosterone level in an unhealthy way. A healthy weight is crucial in balancing those hormones in your body. Learn more here.


Another important step you can do is to eat foods that are rich in nutrients that are crucial in the production of a healthy amount of testosterone in your body. Particularly, these nutrients are vitamin D and zinc. Foods you can add regularly to your diet include tuna, egg yolks, fortified cereals, beef, beans, oysters, and shellfish. You may discuss your condition with your dietitian to help you meet the nutritional needs for your condition.


Taking testosterone boosters may cause adverse side effects, especially when it’s not really needed. Also, at times, balancing your hormones simply means turning your life around and jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle. With healthy meals, enough rest, right amount of physical activity, and proper weight, no supplement might be needed at all!