To vape or not to vape that is the question? Ever since E-Cigarettes first came to the market, there’s been a lot of discussion about the health benefits, a debate about where you can do it and does it give you the same satisfaction as lighting up a normal one? It seems like everyone’s doing it, from celebrities that are snapped carrying around coloured vaporisers, refill packs or have spoken out about making the change from traditional cigarettes, to your friends who utterly swear by it. However, when it comes to our health, it’s important to know all the facts and there’s quite a bit of misleading information out there when it comes to vaping.


One day our newspaper headlines are screaming ‘better than cigarettes’ and the next they’re asking ‘is vaping really safe’? In short, vaping is much safer than traditional cigarettes as e-liquid, doesn’t contain as many noxious chemicals as standard cigarettes. Vaping doesn’t produce secondhand smoke, and if you’re choosing to vape an odour, flavourless liquid, yes they do exist, then apart from puffs of air no one will smell anything. If you’re tired of the dirty looks people give you when you do light up, or hate standing outside in the rain it might be time for you to consider giving the E-Cigarette a try.


E-Cigs Don’t Contain Harmful Tobacco


Unlike traditional cigarettes, E-Cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide and the other nasty ingredients that lurk inside that innocuous stick. Instead, they contain nicotine, obviously otherwise there would be no point in using them, artificial food flavourings such as popcorn, cola and even cotton candy as well as the traditional tobacco smell, cheesecake and vanilla. Hundreds of flavours exist just check out vivid liquids if you don’t believe us. They also contain a substance called Propylene Glycol, or PG for short which is a synthetic liquid that appears in makeup, food and drugs. It’s also what’s used to make the cold smoke or fog at gigs, and in large doses can be an irritant to the eyes. E-Cigarettes also have Glycerin in them, it’s slightly sweet, very common and found in lots of food products, perfectly safe, and widely available on prescription.


You’ll Have More Money To Spend


Although you initially have to buy the vaporiser itself, starter packs are sold, once you’ve gotten one you can just keep refilling it. Online, refill packs or capsules start at around £3.00 while you can buy an E-Cigarette starter kit for under fifteen quid. When you consider that a pack of Marlboro Lights can cost you £7.00, which you smoke for about five minutes, you begin to realise how cost effective vaping is. On average, long term you’ll save around 70% of what you’d be spending on normal cigarettes and, depending on how much you smoke, that’s a pretty big difference.


Laundry Will Become Much Easier


Ever come in from a night out and left your clothes on the floor instead of popping them straight in the machine? Of course, you have, we all have, and stale tobacco smoke smells vile. It invades your clothes, to the point where we can guarantee you’ll have thrown something away at some time because you just can’t get the funny smell out! You’ll also be spending a fortune on washing powder because unlike with E-Cigarettes once you’ve worn something once it has to be cleaned otherwise it’ll stink. Vaping means your clothes will stay clean, fresh and wearable much longer and you won’t constantly be spraying Febreze around the house or standing with the back door open to combat the smell.


Your Beauty Routine Will Be Quicker


Smokers tend to spend more time on their hair, nails teeth and skin more than anyone else. Why? Because standard cigarettes leave behind that off-putting yellow residue that coats the nails, sticks to your skin and settles onto your hair. Not only is it hard to get rid of, but there’s also only so many times you can wash your hair and brush your teeth in a day. By choosing to vape your nails will become healthier, whiter, less brittle and easier to polish. Your teeth will be whiter and your hair fuller, shinier and easier to manage. Tired skin will also seem less dull, carbon monoxide reduces oxygen, and will seem firmer and more tanned. Vaping will also reduce your chance of getting early lines and wrinkles and even unwanted stretch marks!