Recently, many states in the world are legalising marijuana. They are taking a step forward, but some businesses and companies want to stick to the old times. They want to be certain that their employees aren’t smoking. Having issues with smoking is what leads to unnecessary drug testing and panic between weed users. Many people just do it recreationally or medicinally. But still, tests are something that is always relevant, and you need to know how to pass them.


The thing that makes everyone smile and gets high is called THC. It is a chemical found in marijuana that gets processed in the liver. Since it is a metabolite, this is the thing most companies will test for. As it is with water, this metabolite gets stored in our fat cells. This means that your body fat levels and weight will have an essential role when detoxing from it.


The most common test you will be forced to take is a urine drug test. If you aren’t a regular smoker and have only tried pot only once in your life twelve years ago, there is no need to worry. Typically, weed stays in your system for 7 days. Of course, this isn’t an exact number, and it can range plus or minus some days. It all depends on the metabolism. Since we all have different bodies, it’s logical that not everyone will have the same amount of THC on a test. Even if you are the same age, gender and weight as somebody else, you might have different results. Water intake, exercise, and the food you eat will all have an impact.


This being said, how could passing drug THC drug test be easy? Well, the surefire way is not to smoke a month before the test. Research on people that have smoked more than 5000 times in their life has shown that a month is more than enough time for the drug to leave your system. Half of the participants got clean in a week or so. But, even in the most unfortunate scenario, it can take up to a month. To be sure, restrain yourself from smoking for a little while before the test.


Detox Drinks


The most known way to speed up your metabolism is to drink a lot of water. This isn’t magic, but water will make your pee clear, and it will dilute the urine sample. Chug a few bottles of water each day and pee out the THC particles from your body. If you are on the day of the test, do the same thing. It might be weird that your pee is perfectly clear, but it gives you a better chance of passing than doing nothing.


Another widely suggested drink is cranberry juice. If you look through drug testing forums online, you will undoubtedly stumble upon this nectar. Alternative doctors say that it flushes the kidneys and improves bladder momentum.  This will speed up the processes going on in your body and get results within a week.


Finally, lemon juice is something that you can try as well. Generally, lemon juice is the first thing associated with regular detoxing. Since it works naturally, it will also help in this situation. Take a few lemons, cut them up, and put them in a bottle of water. Drink this juice throughout the day and drink it the entire week before you get tested. To know more, check here.


Detox Pills


Pills that contain a lot of fibre and detox elements are a great way to pass a test. The fibres in them will make sure that the THC from your body is under control. They will direct the chemicals into your stool and away from your urine. The little amounts that can be left will go away due to the detox elements of the pills. There are several kinds of these supplements, and the best option is to take the 7-day plans. They will make sure that everything will be under control and clean before the judgement day.


Synthetic Urine


This is something to be used in a worst case scenario, or if you can’t abstain from the pot. Synthetic urine is a solution that is an exact replica of human pee. It has the same amounts of ammonia, pH levels, and water. An indispensable thing to note here is that this solution needs to be warm for the lab to take it. Since urine is hot when you pee, you need to warm it up before you give it for testing. Most of these come with a heating pad and a thermometer. Also, they heat up very fast, around 15 seconds or so. This is a risk-free method if you are doing an unsupervised test.


Testing can be made in one of two ways, supervised or unsupervised. The latter is the better option of course. In this scenario, you go behind a curtain and pretend that you are peeing into the bottle. Keep the solution in your pocket, or somewhere it can’t be seen on your body. Then, submit the synthetic urine, and you will be good to go. If the temperature isn’t exactly right, add in some heating powder and shake it before you give it.


However, sometimes you might be forced to do a supervised test. This is when a person is standing right next to you and watching you piss. If this is the situation at hand, the only option is a belt for synthetic urine. It will make it seem like you are holding your penis, but in reality, fake pee will be going into the bottle.


When the time comes, be sure not to panic or be visibly stressed. Just follow the simple instructions, and you won’t mess up. Certainly, some people have an ability always to mess up even something that is said in precise detail. Make sure you are not one of those people, and everything will be alright.