We are a generation of renters, which means that a large percentage of millennials like myself choose to rent our homes, rather than purchasing them. While there is nothing wrong with having a rented home, it can be quite tricky to navigate the dos and don’ts of customising a home that you live in but do not own. However, the good news is that there are ways to make the process of navigating what you can and cannot change simpler and easier.


Like a large percentage of millennials, I work remotely from home, which means that I need a dedicated home office space to work from. Of course, when it comes to the room that you’re going to spend the majority of your time in – eight hours a day, five days a week – you want the space to reflect your personal taste and style. However, achieving this in a rented property is not always an easy task.


After lots of trial and error, I have found plenty of simple tips and ideas that can make the process of creating a chic, stylish home office in a rented home far easier. For everything that you need to know, read on!


Select the right furniture


You would be amazed by how significantly the right piece of furniture can change the look and feel of a room. When it comes to styling a rented home office space, furniture is the key to success. By selecting the right pieces in the right style for your tastes, you can create your desired look and feel.


An important thing to note is that it’s a good idea to get inspired first, to make the process of choosing an office style and theme easier. I often utilise Pinterest as a tool for inspiration, as there are lots of ideas available on here.


Once you’ve chosen a theme, ensure that you stick to it with your furniture. Let’s say, you opt for a Nordic, minimalist theme – make sure that you select pieces that continue that theme throughout the entire room.



Accessorise appropriately


When it comes to putting your personal stamp on the space, accessories are the key. Furniture has a significant impact but it’s the accessories that you choose to incorporate that really pull the space together.


For instance, I chose vintage-inspired furniture for my home office and painted each piece stone grey in matte, chalk paint. I loved the vibe the furniture created but the space still felt rather dull, that was until I added my accessories.


I chose to invest in a vintage-style rose gold lamp, a selection of desk storage, some pieces of framed art, a couple of indoor plants, and some ornaments to place strategically around the room. This included a beautiful rose gold hammered vase, and some black, slate coasters. I also invested in two grey-hued rugs to add a little warmth and comfort to the space.


Utilise contact paper


A handy hack that I learnt from Pinterest was to utilise contact paper – a pre-glued type of paper that can act as a temporary wall or surface covering. It can be easily peeled off and doesn’t leave a mark, and so is ideal for brightening up dull, rented spaces. In my home office, I used contact paper to create a temporary accent wall – it looks incredible but can be easily reversed should I opt to move house again.


There you have it, a guide to how you can create a chic, stylish home office in a rented home.