Apni Dhani at Udaipur is among one of the most beautiful and relaxing destinations in India. Apni Dhani is a synonym for a place where you can relive Rajasthani culture. A unit of Lalbagh Hotels, Apni Dhani is a Rajasthani retreat for the residents and tourists of Udaipur. This place offers a unique culinary experience as the menu is quite unique and specific to Rajasthan. The beautiful small accumulation of huts imparts a real feel of Dhani to every tourist who visits this spectacular location. Reviving the Rajasthani culture to its core, Apni Dhani offers a lot of fun and entertainment. People from different parts of India and abroad visit the city to experience the real tradition and culture of Rajasthan. Before landing in Udaipur, hotel booking should be your first concern. There are many luxurious hotels available at reasonable prices which offer great hospitality services.


At Apni Dhani, guests are welcomed with a garland and by putting a Tilak on their foreheads with Shehnai and Nagada beats in the background. The food and beverages that are offered here are of a Marwari touch and are served in simple silver lined dishes. These silverlined thaalis are unique to the Rajasthan state. The picturesque view of the Aravalli ranges gives a complete feel of an exquisite destination.


Apni Dhani gives you a feel of your own home with many fun and recreational activities for everyone including camel rides, magic shows, games, shopping and many more. A full-fledged


Rajasthani diet is offered at Apni Dhani with a meal consisting of the famous and delectable ‘Dal Baati’ and the vegetable cuisine of the state. It also offers special Rajasthani cuisine that is served with ‘manuhaar’. The menu of the place includes Roti-makkari, Sangri, Malpuaa, Ghee-Dhanrio, Papad, Chhach, and much more. In addition to this, the traditional Rajasthani Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance add to the enjoyment of the guests.



If you get a chance to stay for few days and experience the nature at Apni Dhani, you will observe that a different cuisine theme is offered each day that makes each day a celebration. Imbibing a real Rajasthani culture, Apni Dhani gives a true feel of village culture in the form of fun, entertainment, games, thrill, shopping, Ghoomar and much more to taste, breathe, experience and feel.


Apni Dhani provides beat of the services and facilities to its customers. Moreover, whenever you visit, you will observe that the facilities keep upgrading to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction of the guests. It is like a village fair with great and traditional food, and a village fair in the form of rides, dances, games, and many other activities. The ambience of the place reflects Rajasthani décor and its culture to its core.


Moreover, if you are planning to go for a theme party or a wedding function here, then you don’t have to think twice as Apni Dhani has a special and separate arrangement for such events. A party here would be highly traditional yet modern with so many activities on the palette for the guests.


Before visiting Udaipur, hotel booking, and flight booking are some of the things that need to be done on prior basis. You can avail various discounts while booking them online. This will also simplify the task and make it less timeconsuming.