In the UK, we are seeing a rise in the number of businesses that are dog-friendly, with more businesses than ever before choosing to take on this status. Aside from a number of restaurants, hotels, bars, and offices becoming dog-friendly, there are even dog cafes opening up around the UK, where customers can enjoy a drink or meal while surrounded by a selection of dogs to pet. 


However, not every business owner is keen to be a dog-friendly establishment, as there are various concerns that relate to this business choice. Taking into account the concerns that some business owners hold in relation to choosing to be a dog-friendly establishment, below is a guide to all of the ins and outs of being a dog-friendly business, and what the benefits of choosing to do so are. 


For everything that you need to know, read on. 


Happier customers, happier staff 


One of the main benefits of transforming your business into somewhere that is dog-friendly is that you will most likely have a happier customer base and happier staff. 


Various studies have shown that dogs can aid mental health and act as a natural mood booster, making them a popular choice for therapy animals. Many schools, care homes, and hospitals now use dogs to provide therapy for periods of stress or upset. This works exceedingly well. 


Whether you are thinking about letting customers bring their pooches into your business or allowing your staff to bring their furbabies to work, the chances are that either step will lead to a happier workforce and happier customers. 


Increase business popularity 


Dog owners love places that they can take their dog to visit, which is why by becoming a dog-friendly business, you can increase your chances of business success. 


When a lot of dog owners are planning days out or trips away, they search online for dog-friendly places in specific locations, such as dog friendly pubs Seaham, for instance. By becoming a dog-friendly establishment, you can increase your customer base, as you will be opening your doors to a whole new demographic. 


Be unique 


Having a unique selling point or USP is the key to business success. If you want to put your business on the map, then you need to offer something that few places offer. Perhaps one of your USPs could be the fact that you run the only dog-friendly restaurant in a certain mile radius or that your hotel is one of the only four-star hotels in the county that is dog-friendly?