Looking for a clean and environmentally conscious summer skin and hair-care routine? You’re in luck. More and more companies are turning on to what their customers want, and changing the way they research, develop, test and manufacture their products. However, here are a few of the best tips to work into your routine over the next few months – some of which don’t even require you to hit the high-street.


Tea bags for tired eyes


It’s easy to become a little dehydrated over summer, with or without a breezy day spent in the beer garden of your local. If your eyes are a little puffy, first thing in the morning, you can quickly see to your discomfort with this homemade remedy. Place green or black tea bags in hot water for around 40-50 seconds, then chill them in the fridge. When cold, apply them to your eyelids for 5-15 minutes, and feel the difference.


Natural products for natural locks


This summer, wave goodbye to all the dyes, sulphates and parabens that might make your hair shine, but aren’t good for your scalp. Instead, look out for natural products nourished with wonderful ingredients like shea butter, and feel the benefit on your scalp from the first wash. And from here on in, continue giving your scalp the same TLC that you would your face.


Eat salmon to enrich your skin


Fair enough, if you don’t eat meat, this one isn’t for you. However, salmon and some shellfish contain astaxanthin – an incredible antioxidant that protects against harmful UV rays. Essentially, it’s like an internal sunblock, which Rachael Nazarian, of Schweiger Dermatology Group describes as: “superfood for the skin.” If eating meat isn’t for you though, coconut water and olives are also incredible for hydrating the skin.



Switch to natural products


Whenever one of your usual products runs out, instead of replacing it like-for-like, look for a natural replacement. As I mentioned earlier, there are so many switched-on companies now producing only natural products that enrich and enliven the skin. Tropic Skincare, for instance, have some great skin care products that are kind to both you and, in the way they’re made, the environment too.


A splash of oil for makeup removal


Most homes have a bottle of olive oil in the kitchen, but perhaps not in the bedroom. However, by adding a little oil to a cotton pad, you can actually remove your makeup without resorting to a specific makeup remover. Gently massage the pad on to your face before you go to bed, leaving your skin free to breathe over night and recover from the harsh rays of the day.


Make your own face mask


With just a single teaspoon of honey, and 10 drops of vitamin E oil, you can create a natural, nourishing paste to apply to the face and nourish the skin. Vitamin E oil helps to moisturise the skin, keeping it soft and hydrated, with the added bonus that this face mask is cheap to make, and won’t mean chucking away any packaging after each use.