Small offices don’t necessarily mean small business; small and mighty, perhaps, but never small in impact. However, if you find that a small office is having a detrimental impact on the running of your business or causing problems amongst employees, there are many tips and tricks to follow to enhance your office space. You will soon find just how easy it is to manipulate minimal space to your advantage!


Office employees spend the majority of their week in their building and, as humans, our psychical environment can influence our wellbeing. This means that a poor work environment can negatively affect an employee’s wellbeing and, consequently, hamper their work performance and productivity. It’s important to consider noise conditions, temperature, air quality, lighting and decor, as all can hinder concentration.




Get rid of things that you don’t want or use – this is a rule of thumb for any small space. Simply clearing clutter from a cramped workspace can make an instant difference. Thoroughly sift through your space and free it from everything that you no longer either want or use. If there are items or even utilities such as fax machines or printers that haven’t been used in the past 12 months, get rid. If you’re able to, donate these items and, as for the things that can’t be donated, be sure to recycle. This process will help to uncover extra space that you may not have seen in years but now can be used to boost productivity.


Introduce nature


To help boost concentration among employees, consider introducing nature into the office. Plants not only aid concentration but can also increase productivity and boost staff wellbeing by as much as 47%, as reported by scientists at the University of Exeter. In fact, plants prove so effective that NASA is set to include them in future space stations. A potted plant is a tiny investment with big rewards.


Stick with the natural theme


Natural light should also be prioritised where possible. Natural lighting is known to boost productivity, as well as creativity and even energy; no more 4 o’clock slump here! The National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that workers exposed to natural lighting can stay focused for 15% longer than those deprived of the sun. Additionally, people who aren’t exposed to direct sunlight lose, on average, 46 minutes of sleep per night. We all know just how important a good night’s sleep is, so remember to place as many desks as possible close to windows.


Colour is important


The colours we see affect our mood and impact the way our brain functions, as certain tones can evoke both emotional and physical responses. With this in mind, choosing the right colours for your workspace has the potential to help or hinder the efficiency of workers. Blue hues are said to act as a catalyst for productivity; however, it should be remembered that too much of anything can prove underwhelming. If you’re looking to hold a meeting in your office but find that it’s just not big enough, regardless of how much you try, consider meeting rooms in London from BE Offices.


Ask employees how they feel


Speak to your employees and ask them how they feel about their environment and if there’s anything they would like to change. Allow them to bring in items from the home to help them feel more comfortable. This may be photographs, magazine cut-outs, postcards or items of a certain colour that help them to remain inspired and focused. Small gestures in small offices will go a long way!


Improve your workspace


Another option is, of course, to take a leap and give your workspace a boost by either revamping the space in which you and your team members work or by choosing to relocate to a new office. This might be a big step but if you want to ensure that you and your team are able to work as productively as possible, it could be the right step to take. Wondering where to start? Check out this interesting guide to choosing the perfect office space – there are plenty of options to choose from, it’s just a case of finding the right one for you.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about enhancing your office workspace.