If you are lucky enough to work from home, then you need a dedicated space to work from. It’s all well and good thinking that you’ll just work from your sofa, but the reality is that working from your sofa is incredibly hard to do. This is because it comes with various distractions that while you’re working, you don’t need. 


If you’re lucky enough to have the space to create a home office, take advantage of that and get designing. To help you create a space that’s smart, stylish and functional, I’ve put together a few handy tips and tricks below.


Opt for a colour palette that you love


It’s no secret that most corporate offices are neutrally decorated. But that doesn’t mean that your home office should be made up of a neutral colour palette. If you work from home, you have the luxury of creating an office that is molded to your likes and dislikes, including your colour preferences. If you’re crazy about pastel colours, opt for a colour scheme that incorporates that. If you prefer a combination of dark red and navy blue, incorporate that in your office design.


Be willing to invest in good quality furniture


Yes, there is a fantastic range of cheap office furniture available, but the truth is you get what you pay for. If you want to create a home office that not only looks smart and stylish now but also lasts well, it’s worth investing in quality office furniture. There are lots of companies that offer a fantastic range of furniture designs, so there are plenty of options to choose from. It’s just a case of finding the perfect pieces for you; that’s all. Wooden furniture is a great option, as compared to plastic, it tends to last much longer. Invest in your office furniture and it will last well, and stay looking good for longer.


Make it an organised space


Working in clutter is a big no-no. The thing is, when you work in a cluttered space, it has an impact on your mindset. You may not realise it, but for some reason, clutter makes it harder to work effectively. This could be because you keep focusing on the clutter spread around, rather than your work. That’s why it’s best to make your office an organised space. To do this, invest in adequate storage space, have shelving put up, and ensure that you’ve got a system in place for keeping things in order. 


A key factor to staying organised is having access to plenty of stationery, to jot things down as and when you need to. From memo pads to notepads, it’s crucial to have plenty of office stationery available. Just make sure to pick stationery that has actually been designed for professionals, such as the range from Captain Notepad, as that way you should find staying organised easier. 


Add personal touches here and there


To give your home office some character, add a few personal touches here and there. Little things like adding family photos or adding a bright, bold rug, can make your home office somewhere that you love. This is important as the feel a room creates, can impact how easy it is to concentrate while in there. Pick a style for desk accessories – rose gold metal is very in right now, and use it to create a stylish space.


These ideas should help you to create a home office that you not only love spending time in, but that’s also an effective workspace.