If you’re looking to tidy up your garden for 2020, now is the time to do so. Getting your garden prepped and ready for the new year means you can hit the ground running when the weather starts to cheer up. Getting your outdoor sanctuary spruced up now also means that you will have plenty of space, or maybe even a blank canvas, to start adding features. What these end up looking like will depend entirely on your taste and preference. 


A body of water


Whether you opt for an elegant birdbath, a pond or even a small lake will depend on how much space you have to work with. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, or even grounds, to operate within, you may want to add structure to your pond. Using stone or granite to add a stately feel to the parameters of the water could create a truly unique look. If you have the space for a small lake, then adding a fountain in the centre, which can be easily found at Water-garden.co.uk, will add an immediate wow-factor.


Outdoor living quarters 


While outdoor furniture is nothing new, a fully-furnished room is something that has been come into vogue in recent years. Adding soft furnishings such as weather-proof sofas and a full cooking range can create the ultimate party space. Hanging lights and a well-decorated table adds the finishing touches to the ideal summer dining room, or indeed a cosy outdoor winter space. 


Contrast of textures


Contrasting different materials is a trend that is as old as time, but it’s never too late to use it to spruce up your garden. The cold, smooth surface of a stone path could be paired with the soft blooms of tradition roses for a look that feels regal. Contrasting pale and natural wood textures with stone could also create a Scandic-Style aesthetic that would look just as slick outdoors as it would inside.


Single colours


If you want to go extra chic with your garden design, then you may want to opt for single colours, particularly with the flowers you select. White and green is a simple and elegant pairing, which has that quintessential summer wedding feel to it. If you have darker sensibilities, then Gothic, black blooms could be a unique angle to take. All-black, velvety flowers are coveted by many, and you will find online vendors to purchase the seeds from. Otherwise, Britain is capable of growing many varieties of flowers, so you should have plenty of colours to choose from. 


If you’re getting your garden ready for the cold winter, why not have a think about what could be added for next year? Giving your garden a face-lift leaves opportunity for new and exciting features, and maybe even a new angle with your outdoor design. Whether you add an elaborate pond, an outdoor kitchen, or a uniform colour garden, your outdoor space could be much more exciting than you suspect.