Finding an underwear brand that you are happy with can feel like an impossible task. After all, discovering underwear that fits well, feels comfortable and looks great can be a rare thing! Whether you’re an online shopper or prefer going into a shop, there are options to suit everyone out there; you just have to find them. 


In this article, we take the hard work out of searching for some of the best UK underwear brands. Whether you’re looking for everyday basics or something special, here are 5 of the best brands out there right now.


Scrumpies of Mayfair 


Scrumpies of Mayfair specialise in luxury knickers, with the vision of turning something ordinary into something beautiful. They offer a range of briefs, thongs and French knickers that are designed to make you feel and look as beautiful as the garments. 


Scrumpies of Mayfair are an online store, giving you the chance to order your favourite underwear without having to move from your sofa! Each aspect of their knickers are carefully considered, designed in London using beautiful fabrics and detail. 


Its unique brand concept names each pair of knickers after an apple; with the brand name itself coming from the verb ‘to scrump’, meaning to steal apples from an orchard. Scrumpies has the perfect mischievous range of underwear for you to enjoy.




In similar fashion, Bluebella treats lingerie as a personal self-indulgence, not just a functional purchase. This brand creates wearable and fashionable underwear that serves its purpose while adding something a little special. 


Bluebella releases 4 collections each year, created using unusual fabrics and new silhouettes. They have affordable lingerie that can take you from day to night, with a provocative edge that alludes only slightly to what lies beneath.


Boux Avenue


Perhaps a name you already know, Boux Avenue creates a whole range of lingerie, sleepwear and even swimwear. Their size range is incredibly inclusive, with both an online store and physical shops too.


Boux Avenue was launched in 2011 and has created a seasonal range of styles that help you feel confident no matter your shape or style. Whether it’s an everyday t-shirt bra, or a special lingerie set, there’s lots to browse through and choose! 


Lounge Underwear


You have no doubt seen Lounge advertised across social media, with many influencers flaunting their assets across Instagram. Lounge specialises in comfortable and casual underwear, with a sporty feel to it. However, they have also expanded into sexier styles too, making them a great go-to for all your underwear needs. 


With lacy sets, sports-inspired bras and heavily branded styles, which began as a brand launching a simple triangle bra suddenly grew into something much bigger.


Marks & Spencer


Another well-known brand, M&S underwear has been hailed as the staple for many women over the decades. They offer a number of different brands under the umbrella company, with a covetable collection designed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 


With beautiful floral and lace sets along with satin nightwear, this is perfect for indulging in something a little more luxurious without breaking the bank.