So, you’ve successfully planned your wedding and enjoyed your special day. Whether you’ve spent weeks, months or even years preparing, it can be disappointing when it’s over. However, to combat any possible post-wedding blues, remember the excitement that is still to come: the arrival of the wedding photos!


Your wedding day is probably one of the most photographed days that you’ll ever have in your life. Therefore, as well as choosing a great photographer, it’s essential to think carefully about how to make the most of your photos. You’ll probably have a large number of digital images as well as a selection that you have chosen to physically display. There are all sorts of ways to show off your memories. Read on for the top four!


Photo album

A photo album is probably the most popular choice for couples wanting to display their wedding images. It’s easy to see why, as it’s probably the easiest way to display a large number of photos. There are also many wedding albums available to suit all tastes and requirements. Whether you want plain or patterned, image-only or captioned, searching to find just the right album will be worth the time. A wedding album makes a wonderful piece for the coffee table and means you can relive your special day as often as you’d like. 


Wall or shelf display

Another conventional means of displaying your photos is in frames or canvases on your walls. Arranging separate frames in a random or symmetrical pattern can be very effective. If you prefer frameless pictures, you can achieve the same stylish result with canvases. 


Of course, you don’t need to stick to rigid arrangements. Have a play with your walls and see what feels right. The content of the photos may well decide their layout. 


Alternatively, arrange your pictures on a shelf. This can be as traditional or quirky as you want it. With shelves, photos of different sizes tend to work well – asymmetry is the key!


Thank you notes

Cards are a wonderful way to use your photos and to share them with others. After your wedding, you’ll no doubt want to write to your guests to thank them for coming and for any gifts. Your wedding photos can feature on the front of your thank you cards. Either choose one or two images to put on the front or create a collage of a larger number of photos. There is plenty of free software online that can help you with this. Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive not only a thank you note, but also a beautiful reminder of the special day.



Many of us have boring or plain mug collections – it’s something that happens without us even noticing it. Why not treat yourself to a new set of mugs, each featuring photographs from your wedding? Every time you have a cup of tea or hot chocolate, you can smile at the memory of your wedding day. You could even take one to work with you to brighten up your office. Any type of wedding photo would work on these mugs – either your official photographs or the informal snaps from throughout the day. 


Mugs with photos on also make great gifts for friends and family.