Many business owners realise the importance of excellent customer service and how it can portray their brand. Just one viral social media post detailing a bad customer experience with a company can be detrimental and have major consequences, which is why it’s vital that you live by the rule that ‘the customer is always right’ – even if they’re not. 

There will be times when you may not always agree with what a customer says or thinks, but you have to keep calm and try to be as understanding as you can. More often than not, a customer will only reach out to a company if there is an issue, and any good business will want to try to resolve the issue at hand as quickly as possible to ensure your consumers feel happy and satisfied.

In recent years, customer service has come a long way and you should always make sure that your company offers customers different ways to communicate feedback with you, whether that’s through telephone, email, or social media. 

So even if you think you have a great customer service currently, there are still ways you can 

Stay up-to-date with current trends

This year has seen the rise in video chatting with lockdown restrictions put in place in many different countries across the world. One way businesses have managed to adapt to these uncertain times is by keeping the communication channels open with their customers. This has meant that employees can work safely from home and interact with customers through chat boxes and even video chat in some cases. So if you’re wondering ‘how can I add video chat to my website?’ Simply look into a company like Click4Assistance. 

Personalise your message

How many times have you sent out a generic message or reply to a customer? If the answer is often, then you need to change that quickly as research has found that by personalising your emails can lead to 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click rates. Not only that, but personalising emails also helps improve overall customer relationships. So the next time you are sending out customer emails, remember to address the recipient by name and try to use a friendly, informal, familiar tone.

Reward your customers

Customers like to feel valued by brands, so it’s important that you take the time to actively think of ways to reward your customers. It’s the little things that can sometimes make the biggest impact – often offering customers branded gifts, such as bespoke embroidery fonts could be a great way to ensure that your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Respond on social media

Social media is one of the fastest ways to get through to a brand when an issue arises. Generally, a customer will reach out on social media to ask for help, or to leave a complaint and they do so because it’s convenient. The best thing you can do is respond to these messages swiftly, as people are likely to complain to their social media followers about your customer service. Facebook even allows users to see your response time, so if you act slowly it will make your business look bad. Try to have at least one employee who focuses on dealing with complaints and issues on social media.

These are just three ways you can improve your customer service to make sure that you don’t fall behind your competition, especially in these trying times.