Christmas is a season to show and share love with your family and friends. It is also an excellent time to do something extra for your lover to spice up your relationship. Are you wondering what to plan or do to bring the spark back into your relationship? Simple things like paying attention to less apparent details about your partner and giving gifts help keep the connection alive. But you’ll have to do extra to make the relationship more fun. So here are a few tips you can follow to bring back the joy in your relationship and restore the romance and bliss you shared in the early days.


Plan a romantic date


Planning a surprise date is the right choice, and you can consider visiting the first place you met and fell in love with your partner. Visiting old sites with which you both associate good memories is an excellent move to spice up the relationship. Eating the same kind of food or playing the same games you used to play during dates makes the moment more fun. You can also decide to take your lover to a nice restaurant they have always wished to visit to eat something they’ve always wanted to try. During this period, go all out by being as thoughtful and romantic as possible. For example, get the chair for her when she’s about to sit or stand or hang his coat for him.


Go on a trip


Planning a trip to get away from all distractions and spend quality time together is also good. The trip could be one you’ve been planning but never got the time to accomplish or a new journey to a destination you both have on your bucket list. Your trip can include sites of memory roots for your relationship. You can also consider moving out of your comfort zones by going on hikes, meeting strangers, etc. You and your lover get to grow together and see other parts of each other that you would probably never experience in your comfort zones. You’ll also have stories to tell and memories to laugh about when you get back.


Give surprise gifts


Aside from the trips and dates, you can consider giving surprise gifts to your lover. This Christmas try to put in extra thought to make it more special for them. You can get your lover gifts like flowers, matching woven Christmas jackets, or Christmas shirts. These gifts can also include going out on karaoke nights where you get to sing your lover’s favourite song. If you’ve been engaged for a while and feel that your partner deserves a new ring, why not consider getting them one? There are many styles and sizes available, and with a little research on these diamond engagement rings, you should find the perfect one.


Your relationship is more likely to survive if you put in a conscious effort to keep the spark alive. Christmas is generally a fantastic time to reconnect with the people you love, and these tips should help you do that with your partner.