Sadly, it has now come to the end of the summer and it’s time to accept that autumn is going to be rolling in. But don’t worry. Whilst we may not have the sun any more, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend the autumn period being productive. Instead, avoid the colder weather by staying indoors and starting to declutter your house. Autumn is the best season of the year to do a tidy up –and here are some of the reasons why.


Avoiding the chill


After spending so much time in the sun, the chill of autumn can pierce through your bones. If you’re trying to stay warm in cold weather, one of the best things you can do is stay indoors and busy yourself by decluttering your house. You do not have to do it all in one shot. Instead, pick one room a day to focus on before tidying it up. Keeping up and active is also a great way to keep warm. So, not only are you keeping busy without having to go outside, but you will be able to keep toasty and come out of it with a clean and tidy living space.


Productive Season


Autumn time is the season where studying resumes and the students return to their lectures. If you feel like you want to be productive, why not time it to the season where everyone begins to focus in on learning or taking an active role in their job? Decluttering can be more than just putting a few items of furniture away. Instead, you can make a new project up, such as planning an extension of a loft with Loft Ladder Installation from Instaloft. That way you can free up more space and have a storage area to put things you don’t need away. Consider what sort of projects would benefit the organisation of your house and get to them in autumn. It’s the perfect month to begin a project!


Clothes Purge


Think about it this way – you are going into a new season; therefore, you are not going to need certain items of furniture or even summer clothes. As you’re moving forward to autumn, it’s time for you to organise the house so that you can find things you need for the season, such as jumpers and coats, instead of summer clothes. Put everything away neatly so you can focus on the next season.


Get organised for Winter


One of the main things you need to realise is that whilst autumn may feel long, winter is longer. If you are able to declutter your house in time for autumn, it will make things a lot easier with winter, especially when Christmas is just around the corner. Don’t leave tidying up too late!




It’s been proven that having a messy room as a study or work area can have an effect on your productivity. As autumn tends to be a period of time that you focus on your work, having a messy house can impact your levels of productivity. If you want to make sure you keep fully focused during the autumn months, make sure your house is fully tidied up. This will help you work to the best of your abilities.