Alongside my side hustle – aka my blog – I also run my own digital marketing agency, where I help brands to build solid marketing campaigns. One of the key aspects of many of the marketing campaigns that I run for my clients is blogger outreach – the process of working with bloggers to help build brand awareness. 


Today, I thought that I would share a few tips and suggestions for ways in which brands can team up with fitness bloggers. The reason I’m looking specifically at fitness bloggers is because different influencer niches require different approaches, and it’s crucial for brands to understand that. 


The good news is that working with fitness bloggers as a brand is far easier than you might think, it’s just a case of getting the approach right, that’s all. Bearing that in mind, I’ve put together a simple guide to how you can make working with fitness bloggers a little simpler and easier. 


What are the best tips for working with fitness bloggers? 


Understand the different types of collaborations 


One of the most important aspects of working on collaborations with fitness influencers is understanding the different types of collaborations that you can choose from. The most popular collaboration types include sponsored posts and gifted campaigns; a sponsored post is where a fee is paid in exchange for link inclusion in a blog post or on a social media post, whereas a gifted campaign is where the brand gifts the blogger an item, such as a pair of yoga pants or a sports watch, and the agreement is that the influencer will post about the product either in a review on their blog or on their social media channels or both. 


Know how to make the most out of blogger collaborations 


When it comes to making the most out of blogger collaborations, it’s a good idea to plan any campaign carefully. This means thinking about the types of bloggers you want to work with, such as fitness bloggers in general or more niche fitness bloggers, such as bloggers who primarily talk about yoga, for instance. It’s also important to set goals in terms of the size of the bloggers’ followings and how well their sites’ rank in Google. If you’re going to make the most out of a blogger collaboration, you need to ensure you’ve picked influencers who are a good fit for the brand, and you need to make sure that you’ve selected bloggers who can offer the level of reach you require. 


Utilise key services like Get Blogged Marketplace


A key tool when it comes to making managing blogger collaborations with fitness influencers a little easier is to make sure that you’re utilising all of the key services available to help you, such as the Get Blogged Marketplace, for instance. This tool can help to match brands with bloggers both within the required field, such as fitness, as well as with the right site type. Plus, you’re able to set your own budgets, which makes managing your campaigns far simpler and easier. When it comes to looking for UK fitness bloggers, platforms like the Get Blogged Marketplace can be extremely beneficial. 


The most important thing when it comes to blogger campaigns is to set out your goals and campaign requirements beforehand. The more organsied you can be, the better results you’re sure to achieve. 


Five fitness bloggers to keep your eye on


I thought to offer some insight and examples into the kinds of bloggers that you might want to work with on fitness-related campaigns, I would share a list of my five favourite UK fitness influencers. 


  1. Chloe Hamard – I really love Chloe’s bright, bold and beautiful feed on Insta. 
  2. Natasa Trains – I find Natasa’s feed really empowering and inspiring
  3. Get Healthy with Daniella – I think Daniella’s feed is a great resource 
  4. Ben Mudge – I love the fact that Ben’s whole Insta features around his health condition and how he’s used it to empower himself
  5. Lauren Becca Fit – This feed is incredible


There you have it, a few of my favourite UK-based fitness bloggers to consider collaborating with.


*This is a collaborative campaign in cooperation with Get Bloggeed.