Whether you’re heading back to the office or you’re continuing to work from home, September tends to be the time when work loads ramp up. It’s a time when everyone heads back to ‘normal life’ after a lovely long summer break, and the truth is the unprecedented stress can be a shock to the system and can leave your skin and your ‘glow’ in jeopardy. 


The good news is that there are steps that you can take to ensure that your post summer glow remains intact, and that your skin continues to remain healthy, while you continue to feel happy and confident with your appearance. (After all, no one wants to walk into a meeting – or log into a Zoom meeting – feeling any less than completely confident, do they?!) 


A major issue when you’re feeling stressed in dark circles; they pop up and refuse to budge, leaving you feeling a little self-conscious about your appearance. 


So, what can you do to ensure that you banish dark circles for good? I’ve spoken to Dr. Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin, who has debunked the top three myths

around dark circles and offers her advice on the best methods and treatments to keep them

at bay.


As our lives get back up and running, and our social lives get back in full swing, some of us

may be noticing some unwelcome shadowing under the eyes.


Even if you’ve got your skincare routine down, these shadows can leave you looking tired

and wondering why your skin has lost its glow. There are lots of misconceptions surrounding

this common bugbear, which have probably had you believing there is not much that can be

done – it’s down to my genetics or I’m not getting enough sleep.


However, all is not lost. Dr Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin, claims

there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you banish shadowing under the eyes and

leave your skin feeling radiant.


Read on as she debunks the most common myths associated with dark circles…


MYTH #1: Fatigue is the main cause of dark circles


This is false. Dark shadowing beneath the eyes occurs for a number of reasons, and no,

you’re probably not actually that tired. Hyperpigmentation is actually a main cause for the

darkening of your under eyes, as well as many genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors

that can influence and increase your proneness to them. If you’re looking for a long-term

answer to this, Skin Peels help to improve hyperpigmentation and balance an uneven skin

tone, with immediate effects, leaving your skin in its best condition with visibly brighter


MYTH #2: Dark circles are just down to genetics


It’s true that genetic traits can give you a predisposition to dark circles, such as having thin

lower eyelid skin or faster aging processes. The good news is that there are plenty of steps

you can take to lessen the appearance of dark circles whether it’s in your genes or not!

If your skincare products aren’t doing anything to help lessen dark circles, a new regime is

long overdue. I recommend looking for products with the following ingredients:


– Caffeine – with its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties, it helps to

narrow the blood vessels and calm the skin, temporarily reducing under eye bags

– Hyaluronic Acid – the holy grail of skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid is the

ultimate anti-ageing ingredient, it helps to firm, smooth and reduce the

appearance of fine lines – and it’s all natural

– Tri-peptides – the foundation of the skin, formed of proteins such as Collagen,

Elastin and Keratin, which are responsible for maintaining the skins texture,

strength and resilience

– Ceramides – helps form and protect the skin’s barrier against irritants and

pollutions whilst also keeping the skin hydrated


It’s worth bearing in mind that the effect of skincare products is temporary and consistent

use is necessary to achieve better results. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution

there are a range of treatments that can keep dark circles at bay.


For example, injectable Tear Trough treatment which uses Hyaluronic Acid fillers. The

treatment involves placing the filler just beneath the tissues of the lower eyelid area,

restoring radiance and uplifting the appearance of dark circles, instantly making you look

less tired and youthful.


Another effective therapy is the HydraFacial which will intensely hydrate your skin, whilst

boosting firmness and reducing fine lines in the process! Great for brightening your overall


MYTH #3: You can eat your way to glowing skin

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a first for getting better skin. This includes upholding

a nutritious diet. If you have reoccurring skin problems, you should take a look at your diet

and see if there are any foods that can help, for example:


– Foods rich in Vitamin K (leafy greens, spinach and broccoli) can help stimulate

blood circulation, which can lessen dark areas under the eyes and make the

appearance of veins less prominent

– Vitamin C (melons, oranges and tomatoes) are good for reducing acne breakouts

and can elevate scarred, irritated or damaged skin

– Onion, garlic and corn can help maintain the skins elasticity (which can help

reduce any dark circles)

– Omega-3 Acids (salmon and walnuts) can sooth inflammation and fight blemishes