You most likely want to live the healthiest life possible and eat healthy foods to improve your gut and bodily functions. When it comes to your business you check in and make sure that your employees are on track and being productive, but, do you know how healthy and happy they are?


The healthier and happier an employee the more productive they are going to be and you will see an improvement within their workplace performance. 


Knowing that investing in your employee’s overall well-being and wellness, will not only benefit them but your business as well. Not only that, but when an employee feels valued in that way you will retain staff longer and have added benefits to offer when needing to recruit. 


You don’t need to make huge changes to your organisation’s set-up to make this all possible. Here are different ways that you will be able to focus on your employee’s overall health and wellbeing. 


Encourage Physical Activity


You already know that being physical is a key element to an individuals health. Not only does it improve their cardiovascular health but also supports positive mental health as well. When employees are able to participate in regular exercise as their overall health increases they end up needing less time off work due to illness and productivity levels increase. 


In order to support your employees being able to find time for this, you could offer flexible work hours to fit around exercise classes, bring instructors into your organization for your staff to utilise without cost, offer a discount for your employees to attend a gym to even carrying out meetings whilst walking. 


Keep Your Business Clean


If you want to keep your employees healthy it is important to keep your business sanitary. It isn’t just about running the vacuum round at the end of each day and wiping the surfaces. When a wide number of people are in confined areas germs and bacteria are bound to spread and it is important that deep cleans occur and you end up with very hygienic floors and surfaces. 


Encourage Healthy Nutritious Eating


Eating well-balanced and nutritional meals has again positive benefits on not only the physical but all mental health of your employees. 


By eating more fruit and vegetables people become more healthy, happier and engaged. Simply by, ensuring the body is getting all of the nutritional needs to produce positive hormones that boost mental stimulation and creativity. It also ensures that the body can function as it needs to. 


To support your employees getting a healthy balanced diet, you could offer free healthy snacks in the workplace such as fruit to encourage more fruit to be eaten. You could have an online virtual recipe book for your staff where healthy recipes can be shared, reward your staff with a gift card for restaurants to food shops and even have online links to food webinars that show how healthy and well-balanced meals can be put together, showcase easy to prepare meals and budget meals to ensure that all employees will have options that suit their cooking abilities.