As a business, you will always be on the lookout for ways that you can expand your reach, particularly if you are new or have a new product coming out. You are going to want to get the word out there as soon as possible to ensure it is a success and reaches the right audiences. Yet when it comes to promoting your brand, there are a host of options you can do and you might wonder which is best or if you should do a few different ones. Here we will take a look at different work events to help promote your brand that can help to make up your mind.

A conference

A conference is one of the most popular types of work event and can entice people from all over the globe to learn more about you and find out more about what you are promoting. You can run it as part of a large training session, an informative session or something else depending on your stance. Remember to make it accessible for all, including things such as conference translation services which can help ensure those from overseas know what is going on. 

An event for the public

Another work event to help promote your brand could be a pop-up event for the public. This can either be heavily promoted beforehand, or it can be a spontaneous pop-up that intrigues and entices in the crowd on the day. For example, if you have an alcohol free rum brand you could do a tasting event outside a landmark such as a train station. Or if you have a new food brand you want to promote, you could do this in a street somewhere to entice people on their lunch break or after work to try it. By doing a public event you can get instant feedback to use in future.

A press event

Journalists and press are vital for getting publicity for your brand, so it’s a good idea to run a press event to promote your product and brand. This would involve showing off your product as well as providing drinks and snacks and perhaps some entertainment. Be sure to follow up with images and a press release so the journalists can easily write up about the product in their publication or blog. This will help you to drum up business and reach new audiences.

These are a few things you can do that can help to promote your brand or new product. Getting the word out there to people such as others in the industry, buyers, press, influencers and even to your staff is very important so you want to do it properly. Make sure you allocate a budget, have a strict theme and aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Usually the more abstract the idea, the more traction it can pick up! Have you thrown any work events recently? If so, have they been a success? What did you do? Let us know in the comments below!