When it comes to a small business and proper customer service, your employees are some of the most important people. You need a representative with the right qualities, but you also want a team that helps everyone do their best. Here are the most important things that your team should have:


Your customer service team will meet customers who are happy, satisfied, curious, and upset. Customers who are happy or satisfied should be easy to work with. All your team needs to do is thank the customer for choosing your brand. They should also say that you are willing to help the customer if they have trouble with your service or product.

But when dealing with angry customers, your team needs to show professionalism (and a lot of it). They should stay calm, confident, and level-headed so they can deal with these customers in a way that shows your business respects, cares about, and values the customer.

Putting People First 

In addition to being professional, the teams need to always put the customer first. The customer should always come first and be at the centre of what the team does. But the team shouldn’t make the mistake of seeing the customer as just another sale.

Instead, they need to know that basic kindness is the most important part of good service. So, they should be patient with every situation and try to make sure that when a customer has a problem, they feel heard and valued. And even before that, every time a customer makes a purchase, they need to feel like they are a person and not just a number. Taking steps to learn about things like small business credit card processing for example, could help your team members to provide a good service. 

Language Skills

When you first start your business, it’s possible that most of your customers are in one country. But as your business grows, things will change, and you’ll get customers from different countries.

If that’s the case, your team should grow to match. In addition to giving solutions in an educated and polite way, they should also adapt each answer to the customer’s language and be aware of differences in culture and syntax.

How To Deal With Complaints

Lastly, the team should know how to deal with complaints from customers in a professional and understanding way. No matter what the customer is complaining about, your team should listen, understand, apologise, and show sympathy.

Good customer service teams also always follow up with customers. They always find out if what they suggested worked or not. How does it feel when someone uses your product or service? What did the customer not like about the service? Was their problem solved the right way?

These are the most important traits that your customer service agents should have. But giving your customer service agents freedom and giving them the tools they need to wow customers is key and essential if you want these traits to really come out and shine.

Follow-up shows that you care about the customer and value them.