As someone who suffers from sensitive and eczema-prone skin, I have always been a fan of Simple’s products. However, I must admit that I was a little disapointed with their facial scrub, as it wasn’t what I was expecting. I normally use an aloe vera based scrub, but as I recently ran out, I thought that I would give Simple’s Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Scrub a go.


Product descriptions from Simple’s UK website: “Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub is a perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin brighter and more textured. Perfect for even sensitive skin.”


What made me buy this product was the fact that it contains no colourings or harmful chemicals, so I knew that it would be unlikely to upset my skin. I also liked the fact that the scrub contains two vital vitamins – Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E – these vitamins are fantastic for soothing the skin, softening and improving it’s general condition. Another pro to this scrub is the fact that it contained rice granulaes as exfoliants, instead of plastic beads. This means that when washed down the drain and into the occean, they won’t harm any sealife.


When I squeezed a small amount of the scrub onto my fingertips, I noticed that it has a fresh, clean scent. The smell of the scrub was a little strong for my personal liking, I prefer products that have less of a strong scent.


Following the instructions on the bottle, I applied a small amount of the scrub to damp skin and slowly massaged it in using circular movements. What I found was that the gel part of the exfoliator – aka, the lubricant, disapeared as soon as I started rubbing it into my skin, leaving just rice granules. This wasn’t ideal, as it meant that the scrub become hard to use, trying to rub it in, my skin became a little sore, so I washed it off.


I found that after using the scrub, my skin felt soft and smooth, but also, a little dry in certain areas. Personally, I prefer a scrub that is more moisturising, as I am prone to dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, this scrub may work well for you.


Would I buy this product again? Honest answer, probably not. While it wasn’t to my liking, there are some pros to this scrub, including the essential vitamins that it contains, and also, the fact that it is free of added colours and irritants.