I haven’t written a post on hair products before, so I thought that it was about time that I did. A few weeks ago, my mum gave me an Argan Oil hair mask to try – she’s a hairdresser, so always knows all the best hair products.


I completely forgot about this replenishing mask until a couple of days ago, when I was routing through my beauty cupboard. I came across it lying there, unused. I was super excited to rediscover it, as truth be told, my hair is in a bit of a bad way. I haven’t seen my mum in a while, and so, haven’t had the opportunity to get it cut for the past two months. This has lead to my hair becoming a little wispy and split at the ends – gasp.


I am seeing my mum in a few days, thank God, so I’ll be getting my haircut then. However, over the past few days, I have been pampering my hair with the Argan Oil hair mask, in the hope of making it look and feel a little healthier.


From the Salon Services website: “A unique combination of Argan Oil and Hempseed Oil provides the extra muscle needed to revitalise lifeless hair.This reconstructing ‘Hair Cocktail’ restores shine, strength and health to damaged, dry, brittle hair.”


Before washing my hair, I brushed it through. The picture below, shows my hair before washing it and applying the Miracle Masque – it looks dry, split and damaged.




Following the instructions on the packet, I washed my hair as usual, using my fave shampoo, Forever Living’s Aloe Jojoba Shampoo, but swapped my normal conditioner for the hair mask. I smothered my hair from my ears down in the mask, ensuring that my ends were properly covered.


What I love about this mask is the consistency of it, as well it’s beautiful smell. Some hair products smell chemically, but this has a wonderfully natural scent.


The instructions said to apply from the roots to the tips of the hair, but I never use conditioner on my scalp. So instead, I applied it from the ears down. As I don’t use straighteners or a curling iron, I don’t have any heat damage, so there’s no need to condition anywhere but the ends of the hair.


I then left the mask on for 10 minutes – the maximum option, as I wanted to get the best results possible. I towel dried and brushed my hair as usual, and the picture below shows the results.




You can see from the picture that after just one use my hair looked 10 times healthier. While there are still a few split ends, the difference is amazing. The wispiness is gone, the ends look (and feel) in much better condition, and best of all, there’s been no tangling since using the mask. (I have fine hair that tangles easily, so this is a major bonus for me!)


Would I buy the full size? Absolutely. In fact, this weekend I plan on ordering a bottle of this amazing product. Want to give it a try? You can pick up a sample from your nearest Salon Services or from their online site.