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It’s coffee scrub time…


Back in May, the lovely Hannah from The Coffee Scrub Co sent me a little pouch of their coffee scrub to try out. I’d never tried coffee scrub before, so wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’d heard some fantastic things about coffee scrub and so, couldn’t wait to give it a try. Especially as, The Coffee Scrub Co offers scrubs that are homemade, vegan and 100% natural.


I prefer natural products because of the fact that I suffer from eczema. As it happens, coffee scrubs can be incredibly effective when it comes to treating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Once I’d heard this, I became even more excited to try out the coffee scrub as I couldn’t help but wonder what magic it could work on my dry, itchy skin.


What can coffee scrub do for your skin?


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Because I didn’t know too much about coffee scrub, before I tried it out I decided to research it. I have to say, I was amazed by what I found. It turns out that coffee scrubs come with lots of different benefits for your skin, from soothing sore, dry skin to helping to fade scars and reduce cellulite. I have to say I was impressed and also, somewhat sceptical – could the same thing that goes into my daily latte really be that good for my skin?


It turns out it can – when it’s mixed with the right stuff, that is. When coffee grounds are mixed with salt, sugar, and different oils, like those used in The Coffee Scrub Co scrubs, they form a soothing paste that helps to calm, smooth and revive dull, dry skin. It can even help to fade scars and stretch marks. (With regular use, that is!)


Aside from its exfoliating benefits, coffee scrub also has another powerful weapon – caffeine. It’s no secret that caffeine can help to wake you up in the morning, but what are the benefits of caffeine for our skin? Caffeine helps to tighten the skin, reducing the visibility of cellulite. It can also help to reduce dark, puffy eyes, as caffeine restricts the blood vessels, reducing swelling and inflammation. Packed full of antioxidants, caffeine is also fantastic for preventing signs of aging, from fine lines to sun spots.


So, what did I think?


coffee scrub co


The coffee scrub that I was sent to try out was made up of a combination of Robusta coffee (this contains twice as much caffeine as regular Arabica coffee) , raw cane sugar, sweet almond oil, orange oil, and vitamin E oil.


I initially thought that coffee scrub would simply be coffee grounds that had been been infused with a range of scents – I was expecting a dry scrub, but that’s not what I got. The Coffee Scrub Co Orange Coffee Body Scrub wasn’t dry like I expected, it was more of a thick paste – not what I was expecting at all.


The next thing I noticed about the scrub was how amazing it smelt – I love the smell or orange oil so this was the ideal scrub for me. Not only did the scrub itself smell like fresh oranges but so did my skin after use.


As directed on the packet, I wet my skin, put a small amount of the scrub in my hands and gently applied it using small, circular movements. I expected the scrub to feel rough on my skin, but it didn’t. After leaving the scrub on for around three minutes, as directed, I washed it off and was pleasantly surprised at just how soft, smooth and hydrated my skin felt. Normally, after a shower I would apply moisturiser to my face and body but after using the scrub I felt like I didn’t need to as my skin was already so soft and well hydrated.


Would I recommend The Coffee Scrub Co’s coffee scrubs?

Yes, absolutely. I am such a major fan of their products, especially as you can tell from the simplistic but stylish brown packaging that they the product of a small business. I also love the fact that all the scrubs are vegan, handmade, and 100% natural. The fact that they come in a range of different scents is, of course, a bonus. I am mad about the orange scrub and can’t wait to try the rest…