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Welcome to day 4 of our Blogger’s Beauty Brawl, time’s flying. I hope you’re enjoying reading all of my reviews, as well as all the reviews of my fellow bloggers. The ladies I am working with are Susannah from A Greater Gorgeous, Becky from Hideaway, and Kara from Kara Elizabeth Beauty. Please do check out their blogs, they’re fantastic.


Today we’re reviewing primers, and I couldn’t be more excited because my product is Benefit The POREfessional Primer. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I am Benefit mad, I absolutely love their products. (A few months ago, I reviewed their foundation over at Life of Leesha Star, you can read the review here.)


I must admit that the only thing that puts me off using Benefit’s products is the price tag, they’re not exactly budget friendly prices are they? However, the quality of them always seems to pull me back to their counter at Boots – it’s a problem. As I am such a fan of the brand, I thought that for this very special collaboration, I had to have one of Benefit’s products to review. (I actually ended up with two – I’ll be reviewing Benefit They’re Real mascara next week, but that’s besides the point.)


I opted for their primer as I had never tried it before but had always heard good things, so I thought I might as well give it a go. The POREfessional is supposed to smooth skin, giving an even texture for makeup application. It’s also meant to reduce the visibility of pores, giving your face a more flawless look. When I first picked this up I spent ages looking for where it said what skin tone it was for, but it turns out that it’s a one size fits all product. I love this about it, as I always struggle to find the right product for my pale skin.


FullSizeRender (26)


According to the packaging, the formula for this primer is oil free, which is something that sits well with me. (I suffer from a shiny t-zone, so products containing oil are a big no-no.) It also states that to help protect the skin, the primer contained vitamin E, another bonus.


The instructions say that the balm can be worn alone, under or over makeup. I must admit the idea of applying primer over my makeup did sound a little strange to me, but then I tested it out and could see how it could work. You see, unlike many other primers, The POREfessional is a cream to powder product.


When first squeezed onto the skin, the primer is peachy coloured, but once you rub it in, it turns translucent. Once it’s applied, the smooth, silky cream gives an almost powder-like finish. It mattifies the skin, and reduces the amount of excess oil so is ideal for people with oily skin.


Of course, the only downside to this is the fact that due to its powder finish, for people with dry skin like me, it does dry the face out a little. That being said, the tube does suggest using moisturiser before applying it, which is something that I do anyway.


As for my pores, I was totally amazed, I never expected such a fantastic result. This is one primer that does what it says on the box, it was like my pores had been photoshopped away. However, I don’t have large pores, so this could be why it worked so well.


On to the price. At £24.50 for a 22 ml tube, it is expensive. It is a good product, but I would say that for such a small tube it is overpriced. Have you tried Benefit’s The POREfessional Primer? Do you think it’s over priced?


Oh, and don’t forget to check out Kara’s post. As it happened, today we both reviewed the same product. I can’t wait to hear what Kara thought about it, I wonder if she liked it as much as I did.