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I am the type of gal who lives, breathes and dreams fashion. I may not write about it that much, but the truth is, I am fashion mad. Whenever I have a penny spare, it goes in my fashion fund pot that I use when I am in serious need of a shopping spree. (Money is often tight in my house, so when it comes to fashion, to stay stylish I have to get creative.)


A while a go, I met a rather famous blogger – I won’t name names, who I chatted with about fashion. I mentioned to her that it’s a real struggle to stay stylish when money’s tight, and she explained that the key is accessories. Even though she earns a lot, she explained that every season she treats herself to a small capsule wardrobe. This includes lots of stylish accessories, and that’s how she always looks so good. (Who knew that to look good you don’t have to spend a lot!)


It was her advice that made me realise that even on a budget, I could still stay stylish. Since then, I have become a little obsessed with accessories and have mastered the art of using them to add an extra touch of style to my everyday looks. The question that many people struggle with when it comes to accessories is ‘What’s essential and what’s not?’. While I can answer for everyone, what I can do is give you an idea of my must-have items.


Two handbags (at least)


Currently, I have three handbags that I love, but I would say that two is the minimum. When it comes to accessories, a stylish bag is a must. Ideally, aim to invest in two bags – one a shoulder bag and the other a mini satchel. (H&M have some lovely bags that are stylish and affordable, so it’s well worth checking these out.) That way, you have a bag that’s suitable for almost any occasion. For instance, I use my shoulder bag for shopping trips, lunch with the girls, and travel. Whereas, I use my smaller bag for nights out, dinners, and special occasions.


Eye-catching jewellery


I am crazy about jewellery; I love frosting myself in the prettiest pieces. I’m really lucky that the fiance has fantastic taste in jewellery, and every Christmas and birthday treats me to a beautiful piece. Over the past three years, he’s got me a Pandora bracelet, a vintage rose gold necklace and lots of other cute pieces. Recently, he’s been focusing on my ear piercings, and picking out stylish pieces for them. (I love ear jewellery and think that often, it’s not given enough credit when it comes to adding style.) The great thing about jewellery is that you don’t have to buy the posh pieces to add style. High street stores have some fantastic designs on offer. (At the moment, I am toying with the idea of treating myself to a beautiful New Look watch.)  


Plenty of scarves


When it comes to staying stylish on a budget, scarves are the way forward. What I love about scarves is that simply by topping your outfit with one, you can instantly take it to the next level. A stylish scarf can inject colour and pattern into your look, stepping it up a notch in terms of fashion. Right now I have three scarves that I love, a tartan Primark one, a burgundy checked New Look one, and a beautiful navy and mustard Topshop one. However, I am in need to something a little more neutral that would work well with brighter and busier outfits.


So there you have it, my must-have accessories of the moment. What are your essential accessories? Please feel free to share your fashion must-haves in the comments below.