I’ve been in two minds about doing a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post, but as Twitter has showed that lots of people like reading them (myself included), I couldn’t resist. To get an idea of what they’re are all about, I’ve been scouring other blogger’s posts, and have loved having a good old nosey. (I expect that a lot of you are the same, and love seeing what other people have been given.)


As a child, I was never spoilt with elaborate gifts. I got lovely presents, don’t get me wrong, but because I wasn’t spoilt rotten, I have grown up with a good understanding of how the size and cost of a gift doesn’t matter (big or small), it’s the thought that counts. This year, I was incredibly lucky with the presents that I got, and I appreciate every one of them, big and small.


So what did I get? For this post, I’ve decided to split my presents into sections depending on who bought them for me.


From the Fiance


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My fiance is one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. Every birthday, anniversary and Christmas, he always goes out of his way to get me the most beautiful presents. He knows me so well that the gifts he gets me, I always love. I must admit, like most girls I do drop a few hints from time to time, which he must take note of as he always gets my gifts spot on.


The first gift he got me was a beautiful leather-look bag – I’ve been in need of a new shoulder bag for a while, so this was perfect. A few weeks ago in a gift guide post, I mentioned this bag, as I loved its design so much. So when I unwrapped it, I was over the moon – the fiance has the best taste!


He also got me a beautiful silver jewellery box, engraved with a lovely message. I have been wanting a jewellery box for a while – I’d never mentioned it to him though, so was pretty surprised that he’d chosen it. Lined inside with blue velvet, it’s the most beautiful jewellery box I’ve ever seen. I love the vintage-inspired design, it’s just SO PRETTY.


Next he gave me a set of So Eco eye makeup brushes, which I thought was a really thoughtful gift. Since starting my blog a few months ago, I’ve got into my makeup a lot more, and have been dying to get my hands on a good quality brush set. So this really was the perfect present for me!


The fiance knows how much I love and appreciate jewellery, which is why for his next gift he got me a beautiful rose gold popcorn bracelet. I adore rose gold things, the colour is just so pretty. And as I have warm colouring – pinky skin and golden hair, rose gold jewellery is perfect for me.


And last but not least, he also got me a bottle of Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume. I have very particular taste when it comes to perfume, but somehow, the fiance always manages to get it just right. This perfume really is divine, it smells so beautifully fresh and floral, I love it.


From my parents




I am a ‘child’ of divorce, which means that at Christmas I get two sets of presents from my parents – one from my mama and step dad, and one from my dad. While having divorced parents can make life tricky sometimes, I love my family just as it is. Both my parents are now happy with new partners, I have a lovely step dad and step brother, and best of all, I get two sets of presents at Christmas. (It’s always good to be positive in these situations, right girls?)


I haven’t actually seen my dad this Christmas, so I won’t be posting about what he’s got me. However, I’m seeing him in a few days, so all will be revealed then.


As for my mum and step dad, they got me some lovely things. As a ‘main’ present, they gave me money, so that I could treat myself to some new clothes and beauty bits. I haven’t managed to hit the shops yet, but I’ll make sure to share what I buy when I do. As well as money, they also got me some lovely bits and bobs – my mum knows me so well.


Socks and PJs tends to be a staple gift in my house, and one that I love. I picked out a pair of polar bear pjs when I went shopping with my mum before Christmas – I’m picky when it comes to my pajamas, and she chose me some cute socks with owls on. (I love owls, so these are perfect for me.)


My mum crochets – she’s pretty amazing at it, so she made me a beautiful elephant. I just love it, it’s so cute and cuddly. (I love homemade gifts, they’re so much more personal, aren’t they?)


As I mentioned above, I love anything that’s vintage, which is why my parents also got me a beautiful set of bone china teapot and cups. I love the detail on this set, it’s so intricate, and the colours are SO PRETTY.


One of my fave gifts from my mum and step dad is the cute macaroon tin they got me, it’s perfect for popping on my bedroom windowsill. What makes it even more of a hit with me is the fact that it’s a vintage-inspired gift.


I also love the pretty pink desk organiser my mum got me. It’s perfect for me as I work from home, and truth be told, do struggle with organisation. The cute design of this set will fit perfectly on my shabby chic desk.


I am a major chocoholic, so a tube of smarties in my stocking was, of course, a must.


I love cutesy little ornaments, and mum is amazing at finding them. This year, she got me a cute santa tree decoration which I love. As well as a heart-shaped sign that reads ‘Daughters are special angels’, which is such a sweet gift.


Finally, my parents also got me lots of beauty bits. As they know that I love to blog, they always make an effort to get me bits and bobs that I can try out and review. This year, I got some lovely bath bombs from Real Extracts and three Rimmel nail polishes that I’ve been wanting. As well as Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, and Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, The Only 1 Lipstick in Naughty Nude, and a pot of Lasting Finish Concealer, all of which are things that I have been wanting to try out.


From the in-laws




As the fiance’s family know how much I love beauty products, most of my gifts were beauty related.


From his parents, I got a beautiful Topshop scarf – a pretty navy and mustard checked design which I love. As well as a Burt’s Bees gift set that I have been lasting after for a while – A Treat From The Bees.


The fiance’s sister and her fiance got me some really lovely things. I guess she thinks like her brother, as she also got me the same bottle of Lancome perfume! It was so sweet of her to get it for me, and such a lovely present. (I’m happy to have two bottles, as I love the scent so much.) As well as this, she also got me some yummy Hotel Chocolate truffles and a santa chocolate lolly, a Lancome makeup bag and some mini Benefit products. (I’ll be reviewing these very soon.)


From my grandad and his partner


My grandad is an incredibly talented artist, and so for Christmas he drew each grandchild a pencil drawing. As I am mad about owls, my drawing was of owls – it is so beautiful. To get with the picture, he also gave me a cute carved owl. He also drew the fiance a picture of our puppy, Monty, that is absolutely amazing – the likeness is uncanny.


This year I was incredibly lucky with all the wonderful gifts I got, and for each and everyone of them, I am truly thankful. What did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.


(*Normally I link to products, but as they are presents I didn’t feel right doing so.)