There are less than eight weeks until Christmas, which means that now is the time to start thinking about your gift buying if you haven’t already! While a lot of people believe that Christmas stockings are only for children when you’re in a relationship where there are no kids involved, it can be nice to bring a little magic back to your Christmas celebrations, and I think that making stockings for each other does that.


The Gamer Bloke and I have put stockings together for each other for the past couple of years and it’s always so much fun. I love picking out little gifts for him that I know he’ll really appreciate – it’s just so much fun. It really brings some of the magic back to Christmas for me. So, bearing that in mind, the question is: what should you put in adult Christmas stockings – what make the best stocking fillers?


A satsuma


First and foremost, a satsuma is a must-have for any stocking. I mean, what’s Christmas without a satsuma at the bottom of your stocking? I don’t know about you but from when I was a child all through my life, every stocking I ever got had a satsuma in the bottom. If your partner isn’t a big fruit fan, then perhaps swapping the traditional satsuma for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange could be a good idea.


Alcohol-related items


If your partner is an alcohol-lover (not in a problematic way, of course) then adding an alcohol-related gift could be ideal. The Gamer Bloke is a big fan of Bloody Mary’s, so last year I added a Bloody Mary mini kit to his stocking, and it was highly successful. He loves miniature things so this went down well. For anyone who has a favourite drink, a mini kit of their favourite cocktail makes an ideal stocking filler.


Sweet treats


It’s not Christmas without sweet treats, is it? For me, my go-to Christmas sweet treat is chocolate coins, but The Gamer Bloke is more a luxury chocolate kind of guy, so I usually buy him some Thorntons Christmas chocolates. He’s a real praline lover, so this is usually the route I go down. Another sweet treat to add to an adult stocking is alcoholic sweets – I am a huge fan of these, as I think they add an extra layer to traditional sweets. I love the Hollies Lollies and John Lewis ranges of alcohol sweets.


Themed gifts


If your partner has a favourite TV show, movie or game, then pick some gifts that relate to this. For instance, my partner loves Marvel and Star Wars, so I picked out stocking fillers that are Star Wars or Marvel-themed. I got him a selection of Marvel items, including a Yoda Lego torch, a Batman bottle opener, a Darth Vadar whiskey glass, and a selection of other items. Find a theme to follow and you’re all set when it comes to stocking fillers.


There you have it, a selection of ideas for adult stocking fillers.