Dogs are always desirable as companions for life, but have you ever stopped to wonder which dogs are loved by Londoners the most? Allegedly the most popular breeds in bigger cities are smaller dogs simply because they need less room but in 2019, some of the top 5 most desirable dogs in London will surprise you. As yes, the smaller dogs seem to be more popular, but so are some of the medium and large breeds as well.


1. French Bulldog


For such a little dog, these fur babies sure do have lots of folds in their skin! Yes their pug-like appearance is entirely endearing and you can’t help but fall in love with their faces and those pouty lips. Unfortunately, although on the medium-to small size, they do require a few extra visits to the vet from time to time. They are prone to what is called “skinfold dermatitis” and if you have good pet insurance, you won’t need to worry about repeated trips to the vet.

2. Labrador Retriever


No one would call a Labrador Retriever small by any stretch of the imagination, yet they are one of the most popular dogs in London, especially in the North End. These dogs tend to need lots of room to run and romp because they are, after all, hunting retrievers by breed. If you are looking to bring a Lab into your household, do take the time to find dog parks nearby first! You don’t want your dog taking you for a run at the end of the leash, do you? A park is your best solution. Remember insurance for dogs doesn’t cover a broken ankle for you! Labradors love to be active and you will want to ensure that you protect your pal from any injuries, at some point or another you may need to visit the vet. And when you do you are going to need dog insurance, it is as simple as that! Choosing a provider can be tricky, but a provider like Everypaw keep it simple with Lifetime Cover or Maximum Benefit Cover. All you have to do is just choose the one that suits you and you Lab’s lifestyle.


3. Cocker Spaniel


What could be cuter than a Cocker Spaniel with those long floppy ears and giving you those sad puppy-dog eyes? These are some of the happiest pooches on earth. They are loving and of a medium build, so they do well in apartments as well as in country homes, so it’s safe to say they could do quite well in the City.


4. German Shepherd


Now here’s a dog that could grow rather large! Some are so tall that they can stand with their heads as tall as a lady’s waist. Even so, although they do require a lot of exercise, they really don’t need as much as retrievers. Shepherds make a good family dogs because they are often regarded as intelligent as well as being easy to train – you do have to put in the effort to train them though. Many city dwellers favour Shepherds because they can be trained to heel, sit, stay and guard. Yes, in a big city, guarding ability can be huge.


5. Miniature Schnauzer


Finally, we have a little guy on the list. With a bearded face and upright ears, few dogs are as cuddly to look at so that you almost can’t avoid reaching down to pet them. Unfortunately, that is never wise to do with any dog you don’t know because they can easily feel threatened, and being a little dog, it doesn’t take much! Even so, how cute are they?


As you can see, only one little dog made this list but size seems to have nothing to do with popularity. The bottom line is to choose a dog that suits your personality and lifestyle and you’ll have a BFF to be proud of.