mom and daughter


I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is only just over and already we’re getting ready for another holiday. For me, Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. This is because it’s our chance to show the most influential women in our lives how much she means to us. She cared for you when you were sick, washed your clothes and read your stories every night, so come Mother’s Day she deserves a big thank you.



The question is, what little treat should you get her? It can be easy to get your mum the same types of gifts each year – flowers, chocolates, perfume, etc. This year, however, why not go for something a little different? To help you pick a pressie with a twist for Mother’s Day, I’ve put together a few gift ideas.


Fix something that’s broken


If your mum has a piece of jewellery that she’s always loved or an item like a jewellery box that has got broken, why not get it fixed for her? The fact that you took the time to find somewhere that could fix something she loves is a gesture she’s sure to appreciate. If there’s nowhere near you that would be suitable to fix it, have a look online.


Or if nothing’s broken but there’s something that you could improve for her, go down that route instead. For instance, if she has a silver piece of jewellery that she never wears because she prefers gold, consider getting it gold plated for her. The great thing about gold plating is that if you use the best UK gold plating service, you have a choice of colours and various prices to choose from. So whatever your Mother’s Day budget, there’ll be an option that suitable for you.


Make her dreams come true


Has your mum always dreamed of going to a particular destination? Well, why not make her dreams come true and plan a trip for her? This might be an expensive Mother’s Day gift but I can guarantee you she’ll love it. Whether she’s always dreamed of shopping in New York or of wandering through the streets of Budapest, make her dreams come true.


If it’s too expensive to afford on your own, why not get your siblings involved too? This will make planning and paying for the trip much more affordable. Or, if a trip abroad is too expensive, why not plan something special in the UK? An experience day trying out a sport she’s always fancied, a hot air balloon ride or tickets to an attraction she’s been dying to see. Get creative and you can come up with a gift she’ll love.


Bake her a beautiful cake


Skint this Mother’s Day? That’s okay; your gift doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be a hit. You might make her a cake every birthday but I bet you’ve never made one for Mother’s Day. Make her day extra special by baking her a big, beautiful cake covered in all her favourite toppings. Pop it around to her house, make her tea and spend some quality time together chatting and sharing stories about old times. It might not be an expensive gift, but because you’ve put time and effort into it, she’ll love it just as much as any fancy trip.


So there you have it, my top ideas for making this Mother’s Day as special as possible by adding a twist to her gift.