Have you got them favourite pair of shoes, but you can see they are not doing too good. You don’t want to throw them out because you have had so many good memories with them, but you just don’t know what else you can do? Here are some solutions.




Organise your closet so that you have a place for your shoes, whether it’s a shoe rack or just a place on the floor, it isn’t important, just don’t pile your shoes on top of each other, as that might leave dirt or marks on your shoes. Also don’t let things rest on top of your shoes either otherwise you can crush them and make indentations that won’t budge.




Make special storage for special shoes. For example, if you have a pair of your going out shoes that you only wear with your super expensive dress, keep them free of dust by storing them in a shoe box or a bag. Maintain the shape of the toe of softer shoes by stuffing them gently with clean tissue. Or, use cardboard, wood, or plastic shape designed specifically for this purpose.




Are you heels really scuffed and separating from the shoe? This is just something that happens over time, (unless you are really rough with them or they are cheap – it can happen a lot sooner.) Products like soltrack are great. It’s a basically a very strong glue which works on rubber, plastic and leather heels to stick on a new heel.




Clean and polish your shoes regularly. You can get the necessary supplies and do the job yourself easily enough, or you can ask your nearest shoe shop to do it for you.






Avoid stepping in any dirt and keep your shoes away from mud, wet grass, and water puddles, as this will make your shoes dirtier and reduce their lifespan.


Unnecessary Use


Don’t wear your shoes when you don’t have to. Think about wearing slippers around the house instead. This will make it so that your shoes don’t wear out as fast and they will last much longer.




Try not to let people borrow your shoes. People may not be as careful with your shoes as you would want them to be, so try not to lend them out, even if they ask really nicely!


Walk Properly


It’s not hard to master the art of walking! Don’t walk on the heels or the sides of your shoes. If you are wearing lace-up shoes, untie them first so you can put your feet all the way inside. Untie them again to take them off. Don’t drag your feet. There’s no sense wearing out the soles of your shoes any faster than necessary, so pick up your feet when you walk.


Make Them Waterproof


If they are not waterproof already (which I doubt they are,) apply waterproofing agent from time to time, especially if you know, you will be out in your shoes in the snow or rain. A good shoe store can recommend an appropriate product.