When I say that my smartphone is my best friend, I don’t mean I sit at my local bar chatting away to it while drinking cocktails. Being a 90’s baby has meant that I’ve had the fortune of growing up with technology. Because of that, it has become a big part of my life. Out of all the technological advancements, my smartphone is my favourite, purely because of how much it can do.


Compared to ten years ago, smartphones have come a long way; they’re five times as power and useful as they once were. The uses for them are unreal; there’s almost nothing that you can’t use your smartphone for. Life is busy, which is what makes our smartphones even more of a lifesaver. Want to know why my smartphone is my most cherished possession and why yours should be too? Keep reading; all is about to be revealed.


They’re a handy organisation tool


smartphone girl


Like lots of people, I lead a hectic life. As well as working as a freelance copywriter, I also have a blog to run. If I’m going to keep on top of everything that needs to be done, I have to be organised. Of course, I have a planner and a whiteboard in my home office, but my smartphone offers so much more.


There’s the calendar that I can set meetings up on and add alarms so that I don’t forget, notes pages where I can make to-do lists, and then there’s the apps. There are so many amazing apps for keeping your life organised – we really are spoilt for choice.


Smartphones are packed full of life tools


using phone


It’s not just your workload that your smartphone can help you with, oh no, they’re packed full of life tools too. There are the basics like a calculator, torch, and camera – all things that we use on a daily basis. Then there’s email that’s built into the phone, that makes keeping up to date with your friends, family, and co-workers easier.


For me, the thing I love most about smartphones, especially the iPhone, is the health side. Iphones come with built-in health apps that you can use to store your health information, so that if there’s an emergency, it’s easy to access. There are even medical apps that connect you to an online doctor, who can set up an appointment via video chat. There are apps for finding things, from new homes to pet sitters – there’s an app for almost everything.


They’re a great device for entertainment


Woman using her Mobile Phone, Night Light Background


I’m someone who gets bored easily, so having a device on hand that’s packed full on entertainment is crucial for me. Whether I’m listening to music, browsing social media, or watching TV, my smartphone keeps me entertained.


I love the fact that if I’m bored, I can log onto my WordPress app, for example, and do some blogging. I honestly believe that everyone needs a smartphone. But for us bloggers and small business owners, they’re even more essential.
So there you have it, the reasons I think that your smartphone should be your best friend, or at least, one of them. I’m an iPhone girl through and through, but any smartphone will do.