It’s day eight…


And we’re back to Monday again – the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl: 10 Days of Summer started exactly a week ago today. So far, I’ve had the best time. I’m still really enjoying blogging every day, instead of just a couple of times a week. I am thinking seriously about upping my regular blog posting schedule… WATCH THIS SPACE!


Today we’re reviewing makeup setting spray




Anyway, on to what we’re reviewing today… MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY. Until a week ago, I must admit that I was a makeup setting spray virgin. I’d heard great things about it but had never given it a go. Instead, I would set my makeup in place with my favourite pressed powder. That was until I spritzed my makeup with Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Setting Spray and now I’m never going back to my old ways… I am well and officially hooked on setting spray.


MUR’s makeup setting spray claims to be able to hold your makeup in place against heat and humidity and cold, wet and windy weather. The question is, can a spritz of MUR’s magical mist really keep your makeup in place all day? (All day being the eight hours it claims to keep makeup looking fresh for…)


The Top Trump card…


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To use the spray, you hold it at arm’s length from your face, shut your eyes, and spray over the top of your makeup. You’ll probably need at least two sprays to ensure that your entire face is properly coated in the setting mist. I did notice when I first used it that it has quite a strong alcohol-like smell, on checking the ingredients I found that’s because it contains a large amount of alcohol. Although surprisingly, so far it hasn’t dried my skin out. The good news is that in terms of improving makeup longevity, it definitely works.


The packaging of the bottle is sleek and simple; the bottle is white with black and gold features and text. It’s very similar in style to the rest of MUR’s packaging. It has an easy to remove cap and a spray top to make application as easy as possible.


I’m sure that you will agree, for £5 a bottle this is a real bargain. It might have a high alcohol content but in terms of doing what it says on the bottle, it’s fantastic. Let’s be honest, for £5 you can’t really go wrong…


Would I recommend it?


Yes, definitely. However, if you’ve got dry skin or are prone to breakouts, I would suggest testing it first to see how your skin gets on with it. Can you recommend a fantastic makeup setting spray, if so let me know!
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