beauties on fire


It’s link up time…


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the lovely Elizabeth’s blog, Everything and Nothin’, and saw that she was set to launch a very special collaboration and link up. I am a major fan of link ups and have been looking for a new one to take part in for a while. So when I heard about Elizabeth’s new link up – Beauties on Fire, I couldn’t wait to get involved.


What is Beauties on Fire?


Open to all beauty and fashion bloggers, Beauties on Fire is an amazing concept. The idea is that each week we vote for a new collaboration theme on Twitter – you can vote too just search our hashtag ‘#beautiesonfire’ to see each week’s poll. Once the theme for the week has been decided, then the fun begins – we start creating our looks.


Beauty bloggers create a makeup look inspired by the chosen theme, while fashion bloggers put together a themed outfit. Say for example, the theme was ‘mermaids’, beauty bloggers would create a mermaid themed makeup look and fashion bloggers would create a mermaid-inspired outfit. Sometimes, along with the looks we create, we will also include extras like our favourite products or a tutorial for recreating the look we produced.


Can anyone get involved?


That’s the great thing about this link up, as long as you’re a beauty or fashion blogger, you can get involved. All you need to do is look out for the poll on Twitter each week, create a beauty or fashion look inspired by the theme and then link up via the host blogger’s site – Everything and Nothin’.


As part of the group, you should also be willing to share and comment on other blogger’s posts. The aim is to build our followings by exposing ourselves to new audiences, which is why sharing and commenting on other people’s posts is so important.


Introducing La Blog Beaute…


Tell us more about your blog & what inspired you to start it?


I started my blog – La Blog Beaute, in September of last year. I work as a freelance writer and blogger so I write all day everyday for other blogs and websites, but that just wasn’t enough, I knew I needed my own site. I love to write, hence why journalism and blogging was my career of choice, and also why I love having my own blog.


I used to have a fashion blog while I was at university, but I realised that fashion wasn’t really my forte. I have a year’s break from running my own blog and then launched La Blog Beaute. I mostly write about beauty but touch on travel, health, food, business, and blogging every now and then.


How long have you been blogging for?


I’ve been blogging for over four years, I started my first blog during my first year at university. Then I launched my fashion blog a couple of years later, but then realised it wasn’t for me. And then last year, I started La Blog Beaute and this time it’s for keeps.


What are your hobbies apart from blogging?


  • Baking – I love making brownies, the only problem is I eat them all within a couple of days. I am a chocoholic, it’s a problem.
  • Going to the gym – I get stressed quite easily and I find that the gym is a fantastic release for that.
  • Messing around with my makeup and trying out new looks – what could be better?
  • Shopping – I love to shop, especially when it’s for clothes or new makeup. The only problem is, I tend to overspend…
  • Golf – I’m not very good or anything like that but it’s something that my fiance and I love to do together. It’s actually such great fun.


Are you a beauty or fashion blogger?


I’m a beauty blogger. I do have the odd fashion post on my blog but that’s mostly to keep my options open when it comes to working with brands and doing reviews. My real passion is beauty and that’s what I write about most.


So who else is part of the collaboration?



  • Rochelle Huie