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Today is day one of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl summer 2017 and I could not be more excited. I spent weeks sourcing my products – some of which are sponsored by brands and others that I treated myself to – hours taking my photos, and what seemed like days determining what to score each product. I’m just so pleased that day one is finally here…


In case you missed my introductory post, the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is a ten-day collaboration, that I co-founded, where a group of beauty bloggers play a virtual game of Top Trumps with beauty products, each day reviewing the same product type. Each of us picks a product that fits the category for each day and then rates it out of 100 using three categories – product, packaging, and price.


It’s liquid lipstick time…




For day one, the category is ‘liquid lipstick’. Now, I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipstick because in my experience they always tend to be gloopy and too opaque for my liking. However, I am pleased to say that I actually loved the liquid lipstick that I picked for this summer’s Beauty Brawl.


A couple of week’s ago, makeup brand Lily Comely London sent me a fantastic box of goodies that included an array of lipsticks, lipglosses, and eyeliner. (I’ve worked with Lily Comely London before and have since been a big fan of their products.) I wasn’t expecting to like the lipglosses because I’m not a lipgloss fan but they really are fantastic, which is why I am so glad I decided to use one for this summer’s Beauty Brawl.


The verdict…


top trump 1


Product: As you can see from the score I’ve given this lipgloss, I am a big fan. One of my pet hates is lipgloss that’s too sticky and lacks pigment because this means it tends to wear off rather quickly. What I love about Lily Comely London’s Lily Rouge Lipgloss is the fact that it’s so pigmented, has a matte finish, is thick and creamy, and applies just like normal lipstick, as you can see from my swatch below. The colour that I’ve chosen to review is Bobby Pink, a muted nude tone that’s perfect for almost any look.


Packaging: The packaging is sleek, elegant, and stylish. Personally, I’m not a fan of packaging that’s too bright and colourful, so for me, the black and gold packaging that Lily Comely London use for their liquid lipsticks is perfect. Because it’s a matte black that’s used for the packaging, it adds an extra sense of opulence.


Price: I must admit that I did mark down the product slightly when it comes to price as it’s priced at £16.99, the same sort of price that high-end brands like MAC, Benefit, and Smashbox charge. While a fantastic brand with products that could rival the likes of MAC and other high-end brands, Lily Comely isn’t as well known, which makes me wonder if perhaps the price should be slightly lower. That being said, seeing as the product itself is as good as it is, I would be more than happy to pay £16.99 for a Lily Comely London liquid lipstick, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else would be.


IMG_1348 (1)


Overall, I am a real fan of this product. I love the colour, how pigmented it is, the texture, and how easy it is to apply. It last well, applies just like lipstick, and isn’t sticky or goopy, what’s not to love?


Fancy seeing what the lovely Kimberly from Happiness is Madness chose to review for her liquid lipstick? I loved her choice of lipstick, such a beautiful colour!


*This post features sponsored products, however all thoughts are my own.*