“The cloud” is one of those terms you keep hearing a lot of these days. In a nutshell, it refers to using a service or platform that isn’t located at your premises. It’s something that, in theory, you can access and use from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection, of course!


Small business leaders often hear about the cloud and the supposed benefits it offers. Are you the owner of an SME? If so, could embracing cloud computing help you make more money? Well, the short answer is yes, believe it or not! Here’s why:


You can save money – and lots of it


One of the advantages of using the cloud is that it can save any business money. What are the alternatives to using cloud services and platforms? For a start, you’d have to use software that is often locked down to a specific computer. Or you might need to hire a few people to manually complete the tasks you would assign to a cloud service.



The problem with the first scenario (the software) is that it’s not easily accessible. At least, not in respect of using it on any computer without the need to install something. If you use several systems, you’d have to buy several software licenses.


And the issue with the second scenario is that employees are expensive. As you know, there are added costs to bear when hiring a person.

You can save time


Another benefit of using cloud computing technology is that it’s a real timesaver. Let’s talk about one thing most small business owners hate dealing with: the accounts. Traditionally, you would keep a bunch of your invoices and receipts in a pile. You would then need to hand over a box of that paperwork to your accountant.


They would then charge you money for bookkeeping services and to do your annual accounts. These days, accountants like Raffingers would rather you use a cloud-based accounts system. It’s good for you because you can do your own bookkeeping. And such systems offer add-ons like online payment services for your customers to use.


It also works out cheaper as your accountant won’t need to spend days going through your receipts. Of course, the other main benefit is both you and your accountant will save a lot of time.


Cloud computing services and platforms can get used not just for accounts but in other ways too. Examples include:



You don’t even need a computer


Some people new to cloud computing assume they need a physical PC, laptop, or Mac to use such services. The truth is; the majority of cloud computing platforms get accessed via mobile devices. That’s right: all you need is your trusty smartphone or tablet!


Most cloud services come with dedicated mobile apps that you can download to use. In other cases, the platforms have responsive designs on their websites. That means their sites automatically adapt according to the size of screen or device that you use.
So, if you’re not using cloud computing, it’s worth making the move soon!