If you’re a part of a sports team, it can be hard when you suffer a loss. It can really dampen spirits and cause members to feel demotivated. Other things also affect the minds of a team. If someone suddenly leaves or you get a new manager, this can also change the atmosphere. Can’t be too much ego flying about either. Everyone in a team needs to be able to support each other when things aren’t going to plan and maintain a positive mental attitude. A PMA will get a team through so much! It’s incredible how much a positive attitude can affect performance. If the team doesn’t believe in themselves, then they may well lose.


Here are some tips to help get that team spirit going…




1. Take it as a team


Even is one person has particularly messed up during a game, the best thing a team can do is is to take it on the chin as a collective. If all the blame is put on one person, then it will damage the morale of the whole team. It’s bad if everyone thinks that they will be singled out and criticized if they do something wrong. Of course, constructive criticism is needed but be empathic and thoughtful about it.


2. Be friends


Being in a successful team with a strong team spirit isn’t just about being on a court together. A good team will spend time getting to know each other outside of practice. Why not make things a little bit competitive outside of the normal routine by playing some different kind of games, with rewards from This means that the people who may not always win will have a chance to shine. It’s a really good idea to have fun together as a team and to get to know each other as people. If you can support each other off of the pitch, it’s going to be easier to do it when you’re on the pitch.


3. Set some goals


As a team, it’s good to be realistic about where you want to be. It’s important that you all agree on reachable goals for the season and make that goal a target. This helps when you practice together too. It might be a good idea to up your fitness levels as a team or add in new training sequences. Whatever it is that you decide to make a goal, make sure everyone is in agreement. If you’re all working together to achieve something it will make your connection stronger. This will improve the team spirit.


4. Have fun!


If your team isn’t having fun, then you might as well give up now. Having fun is such an important part of being in a team and you really shouldn’t forget that. If you are all smiling at the end of practice, it’s a great sign! The more fun that you have the better. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to win.