This year, La Blog Beaute will turn two, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the day in style. For some people, a blogaversary is just another day, but when your blog has become so much more than a place to create and share content – it has become a small business, an opportunity hub, a way of socialising – naturally you want to celebrate it.


While I won’t reveal just yet how I will be celebrating my blog’s birthday this year, I thought that I would share some ideas with you for your own blogaversary, in case you’re stuck for ways to celebrate. Whether you have been blogging for a year of five years, taking the time to acknowledge just how much has happened in the past year is important.


Taking the time to celebrate your blog’s birthday is a great excuse for doing something fun. Here are ten ideas for marking your blogaversary in a cute, quirky, and memorable way.


Party Cupcakes Food Sweet Cake Dessert


1. Organise a giveaway. Team up with some of your PR contacts to organise a giveaway. This could be fashion items, beauty products, food – or anything else for that matter.


2. Host a blogger party. Invite all of your closest blogger friends to get together for a celebration – this could be for a meal, cocktails, a spa day, or some other activity. It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you celebrate in style.


3. Plan a blogger event. Ask local businesses to get involved through sponsorship or taking part, and organise an event for local bloggers. Think beauty treatments, deals and discounts, networking, entertainment, and lots of yummy food and drinks.


4. Introduce a something new. This could be a new blog layout or design, an e-book, a new weekly post series – or anything, for that matter.


5. Did someone say goodie bag? Put together a goodie bag packed full of all your favourite products and then auction it off…


6. Plan a collaboration. Team up with a group of bloggers and plan a birthday collaboration or blogger tag – perhaps a Q&A post could be ideal?


7. Share your favourite cocktail recipes. Are you a cocktail drinking gal? Then why not put together a celebratory post about all of your favourite cocktails and the recipes for them? Don’t forget to add some prosecco-based recipes – you are celebrating, after all!


8. Reveal a secret. Is there anything that you’ve never shared with your readers? If so, do a big reveal on your blog to mark your blogaversary.


9. Create and launch an e-course. Have you always wanted to launch your own e-course? Well, why not do launch it to coincide with your blog’s birthday?


10. Host a birthday webinar. Invite bloggers from across the world to celebrate with you via a webinar – aka a virtual party. Decorate your home with balloons, banners, and cakes, and ask the other bloggers attending to do the same.