It’s a very difficult thing in business, to operate effectively within your budget. There are many things that need to be factored in. When you’re starting a business, it is always a balancing act of what needs to be your priority at any one time. Because you don’t have the resources to keep all of your plates spinning at the same time. Marketing is one of these difficult things to keep in line. You need a marketing strategy in place from the very start which you need to stick to. However, if there are gaps in your marketing knowledge, or you can’t spring for an expensive marketing campaign, what can you go to get the word out there on a limited business fund? Try these methods.


Make A Smartphone App


Smartphones are here to stay. And how did we ever live without them before? With messenger, text and video calls, people are communicating more than ever before via a non-human method. After all, people spend a total of 2 hours per day looking at their phone screens, that is a lot. Make the most of this and make an app that links to your business. You may think that it’s difficult, but there are simple ways to do it. You could also create adverts that you can get onto other apps. If you are a small business and you have an app, this may be something that your peers will not have. Getting your business onto a platform like this will work really well. When you look at a standard app, the most popular ones have games or fun tasks on them. So if you try and get an app that mixes entertainment with education and is linked to your business, then you’re onto a winner!


Create A New Website


You may already have a website, but is it a quality one? The power a website will have on your business cannot be underestimated. It is very tempting when you’re a small business to use WordPress to create a site so that you have one in the short-term. But if it is not a good looking site, this may do your business damage that is hard to recover from. If you outsource this to a company to make a new website, they can ensure that it is of a higher quality.


Make A Podcast


A very cheap way to communicate yourself across the world is to invest in some cheap recording equipment and join the generation of the podcast. You don’t necessarily have to worry about the quality being of a very high quality, a lot of the podcasts that are high in the iTunes charts are made using primitive equipment. The key to a good podcast is to be entertaining and informative. If you look at the popular podcasts, you can create a format that is entertaining enough to get people listening. Another method would be to guest on other business podcasts or to sponsor an up and coming podcast, where they have to actively mention your business during the show.