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The British pop group Five got it spot on when they sang ‘Keep on Movin’. Granted, they might not have been looking at it from a business angle, but they stumbled onto something important. It is significant because it is true – a business needs to move to realise its potential. Yes, it is hard to imagine yourself not working in your cosy home office in your pyjamas, but it’s time to make the change for the sake of the company. Any business that wants to grow can’t operate out of a three-bed semi-detached. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true, and here’s why.


Room For Growth


Take this phrase as both literal and metaphoric. The literal meaning is obvious – you have more space to manoeuvre. A small home office is nice, yet it doesn’t have the room for everything a business needs. You need lots of equipment, plenty of employees, not to mention lots of additional space for the future to make it big. Without these, you won’t go anywhere fast. In the metaphorical sense, the move will facilitate more sales as you have more room to plan for bigger things when you expand.


Enhance Brand Recognition


It isn’t nice, but people look down on home businesses. They think they are just another small, online business that is cute and quirky. There is nothing wrong with being cute, but what about being big and beautiful? For that, you need office space. When you think about the most major firms, you think about their offices. Just imagine Facebook in your mind’s eye, and you’ll picture employees lazing on bean bag chairs and eating Michelin star food. Ok, there’s no need to go that far, but you get the point. Your brand potential has links to a lot of things, and one of them is your office space. If you have a beautiful space in the middle of town, you are someone to take seriously.


Increase In Productivity


Moving out might not seem like it will help productivity levels, but you’d be surprised. There is nothing more exciting than contact a host of commercial lawyers and getting the ball rolling. The adrenaline will start to pump, and you’ll find a new love for your business that you didn’t know existed. A savvy boss will use this adrenaline to their advantage. While you enjoy putting in the long hours, you need to take advantage. Not only will it help in the short-term, but it might stick in the long-term too. Excitement is infectious, so the entire team will benefit as will the company.


Tap Into The Market


Geography and higher sales might not seem like they share a link, yet they do and it’s an important one. Simply put, the closer you are to the action, the abler you are to tap into the market. A position close to the market allows you to make contacts to further your growth or hear about changes before they arrive. Something as simple as hearing about a potential action plan is often the difference between success and failure. Why? It’s because good businesses can adapt and exploit its potential from an early stage.


So, like Five sing, don’t stop moving. Or wait, is that S Club 7?