country chic


Most of us love fashion. We have our style, but we adore fashion on the whole. Some of us stick to that one style that we have, while others go wild experimenting with different looks. There is one particular look that catches our eye, and it looks so effortlessly chic in the city, we are talking about country chic.


From Harris Tweed to Barbour there are some fantastic companies which can be found all over large cities. For those of you who are fans of Downton Abbey you will have seen this look rocked out on most episodes, so we are going show you how to get a little slice of the country look.


First up, and possibly one of the easiest to wear county accessories, you have the Hunter welly. We have seen the Hunter boot on most celebrities for the last couple of decades, and it is a Glastonbury must have. The original welly was a dark, olive green but this has now been styled up into a whole host of hues. You can get the traditional boot or opt for something a little edgier like these heeled ankle boots. This look works well in summer with a pair of denim shorts and a basic white tee. It is an excellent introduction and a nod to cool, country fashion. Also looks great over a pair of black skinnies with a t-shirt and little black jacket.


Barbour has been a staple to the country elite for over one hundred years. Famed for their jackets and outerwear, the company dipped into the high fashion steaks and can now be found on most large city high streets. However, if you want to embrace a little bit of gamekeeper chic, then you want to look out for the olive poncho. This teamed up with blue skinny jeans, brown Chelsea boots and an over sized hat, will have you rocking the Cotswold scene in no time.


If you want to make your man a little more stylish, then why not look at investing in a little Harris Tweed or a bespoke shooting jacket and waistcoat. Fielding and Nicholson create some incredible suits and have a whole variety of materials they can source. It can be pretty pricey going for a bespoke suit so you could opt for something simple. Nothing says country gent like a well fitting waistcoat over a nice crisp shirt! (Image credit)


Sticking to tweed, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate this look into your day, even if you are slicking it up in the city. While shooting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the outfits they wear are usually incredibly fitted and super cool. Try a pair of tweed cigarette trousers with a pale coloured shirt tucked in. Don’t over complicate the look with a jacket too, leave it loose and free and keep the focus on your tailoring.


The country look is one of timeless elegance and has a real charm. Why not give it a go in your wardrobe.