Too few businesses take their advertising to it’s full potential, nowadays. Small businesses usually don’t have the resources to pull off big feats of advertising. The ones who do will usually quickly find success, though. So, it’s well-worth putting some effort into this area. Thankfully, there are loads of tools and resources out there that can help you to get yourself out there and strutting your stuff. This work could bring more customers to your business and raise brand awareness. And, to help you out, this post will be going through three areas of advertising that can be used on the cheap to show off your business.


In the past, loads of different methods were used for advertising. For example, you would find adverts on things like milk bottles and in newspapers. Unfortunately, most of these methods have become obsolete in recent times. Some remain, though. And, they can be very useful to you. For example, buses and billboard are very common in most cities. These are objects that a lot of people will see. So, having your brand or business splashed across them will always do well. Other methods, like skywriting or plane-drawn banners, can make a big hit. Of course, these methods are best if your business is local. You should be avoiding methods like television and radio. These are usually far too expensive for what you get. And, the adverts will be hard to create.


Next, you can start to think about a little bit of outreach. It’s important to reach out to customers to make sure that they’re engaged with your business. Without this effort, it’s very hard for you to gain new customers as a growing company. And, one of the best ways to do this is by attending trade shows. Places like this are designed for businesses to get together to show off their products to customers that are interested. Getting to an event like this will take some time. You have to book yourself in for a slot long before the event date. And, you also have to prepare a booth to host your business. Thankfully, companies like can handle most of this for you. They can do anything from completely unique booths to something that is easy to reuse time and time again.


Of course, some businesses won’t be able to afford to spend money on things like this. So, you might need a cheaper way to do it. Well, with social media, you have something that’s entirely free. Using social media to get your business known is a tactic that loads of companies have used. And, it’s easy. You need to start by preparing enough posts to last you a couple of months. Then, using a tool like Buffer, you can have them posted for you automatically when the time is right. This will help you to keep your posts relevant and consistent. Plus, it will save loads of time.


Advertising is incredibly important to a business. So, you need to be putting in all of the effort that you can spare into it. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to try some methods that you haven’t looked at before. Or, will at least help you to find a solid method that works for you.