There are some beauty questions that just never seem to go away. There are people on both sides of these debates that are 100% sure of their positions, but what if you’re one of the many people that happens to be unsure or who falls somewhere in the middle. We’re now going to have a look at some of the major beauty debates out there, and what the arguments on both sides are. Read on to learn more.


How Much of a Risk is a Short Hairstyle?


Going for a short hairstyle is always a risky move, but how much of a risk? It shows a bold and unique style, and standing out is good for many people because that’s what they want to achieve. If you’re confident and can carry it off, go for it.


On the other hand, you need to think about you and your face. Some people’s face shape simply doesn’t suit a short style. Remember that a shorter hairstyle is always more unforgiving than a longer one. And once you take that plunge, it’ll be a while before it’s long again.


Gel Nails or Acrylic Nails?


For most women, nails matter a lot. But which are best: gel or acrylic? First of all, let’s consider the acrylic option. When these nails break, they’re much easier to fix and you can do it at home. They’re also cheaper, which can be a big advantage for many.


However, acrylic nails never look quite as natural or convincing as gel nails. Gel nails also don’t have the problems with fumes that acrylic nails can sometimes present during application. However, gel nails certainly aren’t as durable and don’t last as long.




Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth It?


Cosmetic surgery can be a taboo topic for some and not a big deal at all for others. It divides opinion. It’s a very personal topic too. If you’re thinking about learning more, head to a company like Zwivel. And try to talk to people who have had similar work done in the past.

It’s always important to understand what you’re getting into and what the potential risks are, even if they’re remote. But don’t be put off by the moralists who are opposed to anything that they see as artificial. Those opinions shouldn’t sway you if you want to go ahead with this.


How Do You Pull Off the Natural Look?


There is always a debate around whether you should try to look natural or not. Of course, there is nothing at all wrong with wearing makeup, and you should ignore anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. Makeup can provide you with confidence, and that’s what’s most important.

But if you want to go for a more natural look, it certainly is possible to make that happen. And this option can also be better for your skin in the long-term, so keep than in mind when making your decision too.



These are the questions that many people are asking themselves and talking about with their friends. Hopefully, the information above has provided some context and detail to help you reach a conclusion about which side of each debate you fall on. If not, keep discussing and keep arguing!