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You know those people who managed to eliminate sweets and unhealthy snacks from their daily diets? While most allow themselves to indulge a bit now and then, the majority of the sugarless people even claim that they don’t really miss their regular treats too much.


It’s taking healthy living to a whole other level; when we manage to get used to not snacking every evening, it ends up being something we don’t really miss in any way – kind of like television.


Here is a handful of your favourite unhealthy treats, happily replaced with healthy and nutritious food – that you’ll certainly miss when you run out of.


#1 Regular Fries: Sweet potato fries


sweet fries


Let’s start with the most popular and trusted substitute to those salty snacks to help you shake that weight if that’s what you’re after. Slice off a portion from your sweet potato so that you have a flat side to make it steady as you cut. Continue to slice off long chunks that you can make a bit thinner when everything is ready – it’s up to you how thick you’d like them.


On a baking sheet, sprinkle a bit of salt, pepper and paprika and a minimal amount of olive oil. If you add too much oil when baking them, you’ll just end up with soggy chips, and you’ll start dreaming about those crunchy, oil-fried potatoes from your local fast food chain. Forget about the temptation; your oven can make them just as crunchy.


Bake them in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes on about 200 degrees. It’s a good idea to let them rest a for a few minutes when they’re done so that they’re easier to remove and serve them with a meal or snack as they are.


#2 Delivery Pizza: Homemade pizza




Delivery pizza is one of the most cost-effective things for your local takeaway to serve up. It costs almost nothing to make and they can charge more than enough by sending one to your door – bake one yourself, and you’ll break up with the delivery guy for good.


Pizza dough is incredibly cheap to make, by the way, and you can add a bit of whole wheat to make it healthier.


Top it with your very own tomato sauce, eggplant, mushroom, spinach, and every other veggie that comes to mind. Treat yourself to a sprinkle of parmesan and other cheese to make it an actual pizza, and enjoy the mouthwatering aromas in your home.


#3 Crisps: Cheese platter


cheese boards


An all-time favourite among dietitians is the assorted cheese platter. It comes in handy when you’re craving something crunchy and salty as you can get a bit of both from the crackers – as well as delicious flavour from the cheese.


You want to keep it healthy, though, so consider adding some protein such as canned mussels, a few olives, an apple in bite-sized chunks as well as some grapes, for example.


There is so much you can with a platter and it will extinguish your cravings while providing you with a lot of great nutrients. Let them snack sugar and salt all they want; we have our variety platters.


When you’re trying to convert to a new and healthier snack, it’s not really the flavour that gets in your way; healthy food is really and truly delicious. You need to make it convenient for yourself and get in the habit of having these by hand when the cravings hit you – otherwise, you’ll just reach for the cookie jar, yet again.