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Looking professional and stylish, while making sure you feel as confident as ever, doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you’re finding that having a large selection of work clothes available is making the decision of what to wear take longer than you’d like, then putting together a simple capsule wardrobe with the help of workwear suppliers such as Simon Jersey could be exactly what you need to remove unnecessary stress while staying fashionable.


Keeping to a colour scheme


Keeping to a colour scheme doesn’t really mean you should put together a wardrobe where all your pants are blue jeans, all your tops are black blouses, all your jackets are cream, and so on.


If you stuck to a scheme like that, you might end up feeling a bit disappointed with the same old colours every day. You want your workwear to be a reflection of who you are as a person, and, most of all, you want to feel confident in and enjoy what you’re wearing at work – All that extra confidence can even cross over


It’s more like choosing a handful of colours that make up the core of your wardrobe, and you can go on to accessorise your look throughout the weeks with the addition of one or two pieces of a complementary colour depending on the look you’d like to create.


Capsule wardrobes through the year


You might not exactly want your winter clothes taking up space in your newly trimmed-down wardrobe during those warmer summer months, when they’re the last think you’re thinking of wearing.


Well, an effective capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be completely static through the entire year. Don’t set yourself strict limits over the exact number of clothes you own, what you choose to include in the wardrobe in general, or when you’re allowed to treat yourself to a new addition – Think of it as more of a rule of thumb than something you’re forced to do.


Consider packing a couple seasonal essentials away when they aren’t needed, such as storing your summery dresses and winter coats in a suitcase under your bed. Your workwear stays professional and fashionable, but you’ll still have those seasonal additions to break out during the right times of year.


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Long-lasting quality at every step


With a capsule wardrobe, the general aim is to pare down the total amount of clothes you have in your collection. So if you have fewer individual pieces, it makes sense that you make sure the clothes you own are made of high quality materials, and made to an equally high standard.


By taking some time to pick out each individual item in your collection, you’ll want to know that the clothes you end up owning will last you year-round.


Don’t worry about spending a little more than you usually would do on well-made clothes – the money you’ll still save with your newly-economical wardrobe will outweigh anything more you spend on extra quality, and you’ll look eminently professional every single day around the workplace.