Most people save their annual holiday abroad for the summer, but winter could, in fact, be a better time to get away. Here are just a few reasons to book your next holiday abroad in winter.


The prices are cheaper


Whilst the period over Christmas can be expensive, January and February are often very cheap times to book a holiday. This is largely due to the lack of demand – many airlines and hotels will drop their prices in order lure in more people. Check out these cheap villa prices at Interhome and you’ll get an idea of the discounts that can be had. Meanwhile, you can use the likes of Skyscanner to compare flights and find the cheapest deals.  


There are less crowds


With less demand, winter can also guarantee less crowds (excluding Christmas yet again). This could prevent your from fighting over a place on the beach or it could allow to go sightseeing in the city without having to negotiate your way through crowds to take a picture. It could also be a brilliant time to visit a theme park abroad as there could be shorter queues – February is often the best time to visit Disneyland Paris and get on the most rides!


You can try a snow sport


Winter could be the perfect time to try out a snow sport such as skiing or snowboarding. There are ski resorts for all ages and all budgets – these could be a great alternative to a summer beach holiday, giving you a chance to be active in a stunning Alpine setting whilst still having the opportunity to relax and party in the evenings.


Or you can catch some winter sun


If you’d still prefer a warm beach holiday abroad, there are still places in winter where you can go to catch a some sun by the coast. The Canaries are the best option for a European getaway – even in winter the temperature rarely dips below 15 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, you could save up for somewhere further afield such as Thailand or the Caribbean where the sun is always guaranteed. Then of course there’s the entire southern hemisphere which has its summer during our winter.


There are lots of seasonal attractions


Winter is also a good time to take advantage of seasonal attractions that can’t be enjoyed at any other time throughout the year. Go to any city abroad in December and you’ll be able to experience the Christmas markets – the likes of Vienna and Budapest offer some of the best markets worth trying. February through to March meanwhile is carnival season across most of the Spanish-speaking world – it’s during this time that you’ll catch the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival among others in Latin America.


It’s a great time for a wildlife adventure


There are also unique wildlife to be seen in winter. It’s a great time for whale-watching in Baja, and a great time to see reindeer in Norway. African safaris meanwhile are often cheaper whilst there’s just as much chance of seeing the big five (the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant and the buffalo).