For people who are technology mad, Christmas is a time that is all about getting all of the latest pieces of technology. Not everyone stays on top of constantly changing digital trends, however for those that do, such as my fiance for instance, a gadget or gizmo of some sort is always the best Christmas gift.


I have spent what seems like months searching for all of the best tech Christmas gift ideas – after a lot of research, I have compiled them into this handy guide. For ideas and inspiration for all of the best tech gifts, read on.


Smartphone camera kit


For the photography enthusiast, a smartphone camera lens kit could make the ideal gift. If they don’t have a camera and use their phone to take all of their photos, a camera lens kit that comes with a range of clip-on lenses. My favourite one is the Debenhams Amplified – Clip On Lens Set.


Smart watches


From Apple Watches to FitBits, there are various smart watches on the market, but if I was going to gift a smart watch, it would have to be the Fitbit Iconic. What I love about this design is the fact that it is a smart watch and a fitness watch in one; it is waterproof, has built-in GPS and sports mode, it has Run Detect technology, heart rate monitor, step counter, and includes dynamic personal coaching.


Vaping kit


So many of my friends and family have swapped from smoking to vaping, because of how incredible the technology is. Of course, over time these kits wear out, so a great gift for a tech lover and vaper all in one, is a vaping kit. I’ve done a lot of research into the best ones, and one of my favourite options is the Vaptio Fusion All-In-One Vape Kit. I love the design and style of this vaping kit, as well as the different ways that it can be personalised.


Smart telescope


Do you know someone who loves to stargaze? If you do, a smart telescope could make the perfect techy gift. These telescopes come with integrated smart technology and can be connected up to a smartphone to make star mapping easier. My favourite smart telescope has to be the Discovery Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope – it looks amazing and I know my fiance (and every other stargazer for that matter) would love it!


So there you have it, a guide to the tech gifts that I think would make perfect presents for anyone with a geek streak!