They say first impressions count, and when this comes to your home, it’s the job of your hallway to welcome guests, set the tone and provide the transitional space between the world outside and your home environment. So it’s a shame that a lot of hallway decoration tends to be an afterthought – they can easily become neglected spaces full of discarded shoes and bags. Striking fittings and a few statement pieces can easily define the space and give it a unique personality all of its own, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Here are some top tips to set you on the right track:


Add Some Large Mirrors


Hallways can tend to be somewhat lacking in natural light, especially in older properties, where they can also be narrow. So illuminate them and create the illusion of more space using statement mirrors. Place your mirrors opposite a natural light source, such as the front door, where they can bounce back the sun’s rays. You can also place a long mirror at the head of the stairs to bounce even more light around. Ones with ornate frames can lend a lot of personality to a generally featureless space. Plus, they come in really handy for checking your hair just before you leave the house!


Add Subtle Colour


If a hallway is dark and cramped, the best idea is to paint it a brilliant white- but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to introduce a subtle hit of colour. You could try adding a bright coloured wallpaper to the ceiling for instance, for an unexpected touch. Or paint architraves, ceiling roses and dado rails in a contrasting bold colour such as hot pink, yellow or royal blue to lift the scheme. If brights aren’t your thing, using wooden beaded panelling can be really effective to add depth and dimension without a lot of colour – simply paint in a restful neutral shade.


Add Luxurious Finishes


The relatively minor scale of most hallways make them the perfect opportunity to experiment with luxury finishes – as you generally won’t need too many square metres, the overall cost is still manageable. In fact, this is a great way to make a big impression. So you may want to look into ‘how much is polished concrete?’, or investigate the cost of a polished solid wood parquet floor. Hard wearing surfaces are ideal as hallways are high traffic areas, but to soften things you could also invest in a pure wool rug or stair runner.


Add Statement Lighting

Finally, statement lighting is a fantastic way to add character to a space. So opt for an overblown chandelier, a modern globe light or a cluster of pendants to create drama without taking up wall space. Modern homes can benefit from strips of LED downlights – you can even get ones where you can alter the colour to set a mood! A simple lamp on a small table or wooden radiator cover can also add a cosy touch.