When I was a child, Christmas Eve boxes weren’t really a thing, or at least, they weren’t a thing in my house. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an increasing number of bloggers sharing what is in the Christmas Eve box that they’ve made for their kids, and I must say I began to feel a little jealous.


I don’t have little ones to make a Christmas Eve box for, so I thought that I would make an adult Christmas Eve box instead. I mean, why should us adults have to miss out on all of the fun? I don’t know about you, but I get just as excited for Christmas as a big kid – I might be 25 but I am most definitely 10-years-old at heart.


I can remember that throughout my childhood, Christmas Eve was always one of my favourite days of the year. It was just so magical and so exciting. I’d wonder what Father Christmas would bring me if I had been good enough to receive everything on my Christmas list, and whether I’d finally get to see Santa in action (sadly I never did, I guess my parents were just too good at being quiet when delivering my gifts).


So, this year I decided to make a Christmas Eve box for my partner and I. Wondering what I put inside it? There was no reindeer food or a magic key for Santa but there were lots of treats that were ideal for a cosy Christmas Eve in…


A Christmas DVD


The first must-have item for any Christmas Eve box is a Christmas DVD. I wrestled long and hard about which DVD to put into our Christmas Eve box – it was between Christmas with the Kranks, The Holiday, Elf, and the winning option, Love Actually. I chose Love Actually because it’s my all-time favourite Christmas movie, it is funny and romantic, and to be totally honest I love Hugh Grant’s dancing scene, so there really was no competition…




Like every twenty-something girl, I am all about the prosecco. I have prosecco-flavoured lip balms, prosecco bath bombs, prosecco sweets – this could go on for a while – and am totally addicted to the stuff, which is why I added a bottle to my Christmas Eve box. Obviously, you could add whatever tipple you like.


Lots of chocolate and sweets


I am a real orange addict, so a Terry’s Chocolate Orange was an absolute must, despite the fact I have already eaten at least three of these this holiday season. I don’t feel too bad about it though, after all, there’s real orange oil in there so it must contain at least some vitamins… Along with the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, I also added a Cadbury mini Santa chocolate and a bag of chocolate coins – it’s not Christmas without chocolate coins, is it?!



New pyjamas


For our new pyjamas, we shopped at Primark. I personally love Primark pyjamas, I always find that they are super comfortable and true to size, plus they are always low priced, and at Christmas it’s all about saving as much money as you can. I opted for some cute pyjamas with a bear print on them, while the fiance chose a Star Wars design. I must admit, I was sad to find that there were no Star Wars pyjamas in the women’s range, or otherwise I would have got some of them.


Cosy socks


I also added socks for each of us to our Christmas Eve box. I got these from Marks and Spencers, as I love the quality of the socks that they offer. For the fiance, I picked some BB8 socks as he is a little Star Wars mad. For myself, I chose some cute penguin slipper socks – there’s nothing better than slipper socks for keeping your feet toasty, is there?!


Drinking chocolate


As well as lots of chocolate, I also added a box of my favourite drinking chocolate to the box, as there’s nothing better than relaxing with a movie and a mug of hot chocolate. To give my hot chocolate that special touch, I like to add a shot of Baileys or Disaronno to it and top it with mini marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings *mouth starts to water just thinking about it*.


For adults and children alike, Christmas Eve boxes are a great way to get into the festive spirit and add a little Christmas magic to the night before Christmas. I love my Christmas Eve box and cannot wait to snuggle up with all of the goodies from it tomorrow night.


Are you making a Christmas Eve box this year? Have you got some ideas that I haven’t thought of? Share them below in the comments section.