The new year is a chance for everyone to make the most of a clean slate and a fresh way of thinking. As an entrepreneur; it’s the perfect opportunity to access your business and discover the areas that could be improved and upgraded for better success and further development. There’s no time like the present, especially in business, to shake things up a little and utilise a new approach to how you run things. Checking through each section of your company, and making sure that it’s as productive as possible; will ensure that you’ll have the time and means to develop and strengthen your place in the saturated marketplace. There’s little rest for a fresh entrepreneur; however, you make things better and organise your company to get better results, making the work you do put in, worthwhile.


Therefore, it could be time to review your current processes, the team you have onboard, how you utilise your information and data, and ensure that your software and equipment is working hard for your business. Getting everyone onboard with the changes is the first step towards working towards your targets and goals for the year ahead. So, call a meeting, get your laptop open, and begin writing a list of priorities, solutions, and contacts that are going to play a part in your company’s improved status. Don’t be intimidated by your competitors; simply learn from them and let their success push you towards yours. Get the organisational side of things locked down i January so that you’ll have more creative and developmental freedom throughout the rest of the year. The following are some ideas, tips, and inspiration for those who want to organise their small business now so that 2018 can be a year of growth and expansion.


Safety And Security


Even as a small brand or business; your company’s financial and legal documents are of utmost importance in regards to their security. You’ll need to make sure that you invest in document storage so that you have the peace of mind that everything is safe and you know where and how to access documentation and paperwork when you need it for reviews, proof, of major business decisions. As a new startup; 2018 may be a year where you’re moving offices or workspace, so document storage is the ideal solution and will solve the problem of crucial paperwork getting lost as you move around. Expansion of your company will be an exciting time, so don’t let the worry of lost or leaked information from your documents overshadow the process. Investing in the right storage solutions will help to keep you, your team, your clients and customers, and your company safe and protected.


Once you have sorted out the security of your physical documentation and paperwork; you’ll need to focus on your digital data and information. You’ll want to run a company that is as safe as possible from hackers and any leaked or lost information. Many of your financial reports, your monthly analytics, and your customers and employees details may be stored online, or in the in-house system or software. Keeping so many crucial details in a digital environment does present its own risks; however, if you invest in the right security software and IT security experts; you’ll be able to prevent any issues arising throughout the year. It’s vital that you reassess your safety and prevention methods regularly and make sure that you have the latest means to keep everything secure and where it should be.


Utilise Information


Now that you’ve worked so hard to protect your data and information; you’ll need to reap the rewards of your investment by thoroughly utilising your analytics. If your skill set doesn’t lie in finances or customer and client data; it’s worth employing a team of professionals to come in and help you understand the past 12 months of analytics so that you can change the course of what you are going to do in 2018. If certain actions and processes seem to have resulted in positive things, like a boost in online traffic and click-throughs; you’ll be able to continue and better the results in the coming months. When things haven’t worked out so well; expert help will be just what you need to assist you in making changes and figuring out where you may have gone wrong. Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep a record of everything and store all the data and analytics that you’ve already collated, and continue to do so in the future. Information and knowledge are power, so give yourself a chance and invest in the means to utilise them efficiently so that you can move forward in a productive manner.


Now that you’ve got to grips with your data through the help of research and expert advice; you can begin to think about installing the software needed to continue with the job. Find a suitable software system that can automate the process and take a lot of the hard work out of it for you. These software systems can pull in data from your website, your accounting, and customer relationship management systems to give you additional insight into what your business is actually doing. This will be an important step in taking your startup from small business to a larger established company in 2018. It’s worth talking to a financial expert or employing an accountant to go through your finances so that you know exactly how much you have to spare to invest in the software and expert help. You’ll have a better idea of how and where to distribute your money and will be able to make savvy financial decisions to push your brand in the right direction. Talking through your financial options with experts in the early stages of business will provide you with an education and all the knowledge you might need for future major decision making regarding your money, so they are well worth your time and effort.



Team Work


Small companies mean that you’ll have a small team; therefore, you’ll all need to be able to work effectively with one another, and it’s crucial that you function productively. You might not think that there’s much more you can do to organise and involve your employees in the development of your business, but a new year provides the opportunity to make changes and give everyone some extra motivation. You can start by organising regular team building activities; this will allow people to get to know others on a stronger level so they can work together effectively. Morning meetings are the perfect chance for people to express their concerns and highlight any positives from the previous day or week. You’ll be able to implement changes, and everyone will understand what your targets and goals are so that they can decide their best course of action with the rest of the team.


Organise to catch-up with your staff on an individual basis too; they might be more open and forthcoming with their feedback and thoughts when they’re not in a group setting. Make an effort to take any feedback and information and utilise it like data and analytics; you’re company will then grow as a whole by taking everyone’s abilities and wellbeing into consideration. Kick your year off to the best start possible and organise the key areas of your business so that you have the security, the information, the skills, and the ideas to move forward and grow your startup for a fruitful 2018 ahead.